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Tuskens And Dragons is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Coruscant.

This mission will involve gathering clues about a dragon

QUEST: Tuskens and Dragons
LOCATION: Coruscant – Federal District (Jedi Temple Lobby)

To begin this mission we will have to travel to the Coruscant planet and speak with Yaddle over in the Jedi Temple. It seems that Yaddle has challenged us to go and fight a dragon over in Tatooine.

Head to Tatooine and to the Jundland Wastes, from there make your way to the Jabba’s Palace and begin asking the local residents about the dragon. One of these residents will mention dancing.

Head to the Lair of Krayt Dragon and you will notice a bunch of Tusken Raiders. Using the Jedi Mind skill simply distract them and cause them to dance. This will then alert the dragon.

We will now be fighting the Krayt Dragon

The Krayt Dragon is quite a big beastie that can lunge at its attacker, alongside pounding the ground too so watch out for those.

Once the dragon has been defeated we can then report back to Yaddle to complete the mission.

Yaddle will now be an unlockable character for 200,000 Studs


  • Gather clues about the Canyon Krayt Dragon in the Jundland Wastes
  • Use a dancing Tusken Raider to lure the Canyon Krayt Dragon out.
  • Defeat the Canyon Krayt Dragon
  • Return to Yaddle


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