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Ubbla The Weather is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Cantonica.

This mission will involve obtaining a remedy

QUEST: Ubbla the Weather
LOCATION: Cantonica
QUEST GIVER: Ubbla Mollbro

Make your way to the Cantonica planet and head to Canto Bight and the Casino. Here we can find and speak to Ubbla Mollbro. I actually like the name ‘Mollbro’.

Anyway enough of that, speaking to Ubbla we will learn that she has a performance to give but has unfortunately come down with an ailment. She now wants us to go and get a remedy for it

Our next destination is Endor and the Ewok Village. Once here speak with the Energetic Ewok to find out that the doctor is in the nearby hut. You can find the Energetic Ewok in the Village Center

Head to this hut and speak with the Village Doctor. Unfortunately they no longer have Ubbla’s remedy as it was used to fix a desk drawer. We will now need to gather ingredients to make some

We will need a total of 5 tree sap ingredients in order to make the remedy. This can be found throughout the village.

We will be looking for shiny yellow or green objects that grow all around trees and such, as you would probably expect since we are looking for tree sap after all

Once you have successfully collected all of the necessary tree sap simply return back to the Village Doctor. We will now be given the remedy.

With the remedy now in hand we can return to Ubbla and give it to her to complete the mission

Ubbla Mollbro will be available to unlock for 200,000 Studs


  • Speak to the doctor in Ewok Village
  • Gather tree sap for the Ewok Village Doctor
  • Give the tree sap to the Ewok Village Doctor
  • Deliver the remedy to Ubbla Mollbro in Canto Bight.


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