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Wildlife Wishlist is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet KEF BIR.

This mission will involve collecting creatures

QUEST: Wildlife Wishlist
LOCATION: KEF BIR – Crash Site (Company 77 Village)
QUEST GIVER: Frustrated Farmer

Head to the Crash Site on KEF BIR to find the client, Frustrated Farmer.

Apparently the Frustrated Farmer wants to expand their farming potential and in order to do this we will be tasked with going and collecting specific creatures. This will include; thala-siren, pikobi, and a big cuddly wampa. This will help supply the farm with milk, eggs, and a hefty supply of fluffy wool

AHCH-TO (TEMPLE ISLAND – THALA-SIRENS) – Head to Thala-siren Point and you can find this one on the cliffs by the sea.

DAGOBAH (DRAGONSNAKE BOG – PIKOBIS) – This next one can be found near the Landing Pad. The Pikobis is a rather small creature and due to this might end up being difficult to spot.

Feel free to ask the nearby residents if you find yourself struggling. The residents should hopefully provide some clues as to where to find the Pikobis.

HOTH (ECHO BASE – WAMPA) – The Wampa can be found in the Main Hangar. However, before it shows itself you will need to complete the Wampa Wander side mission first

After collecting all of the necessary creatures we can then report back to the Frustrated Farmer to complete the mission

Rothgar Deng will now be available to unlock for 100,000 Studs


  • Collect the creatures for the Frustrated Farmer
  • Return to the Frustrated Farmer


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