Life Is Strange: True Colors – Eleanor Memory Puzzle Order (Chapter 2 – Lanterns) Guide

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When you arrive on Chapter 2 – Lanterns your main objective will take you to the Flower Shop, here will meet the character Eleanor.

Whilst speaking to Eleanor you will realise that she suffers with Alzheimer’s and thus a memory order puzzle will begin..

Below is the solution to this mini puzzle

  • CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Lanterns
  • LOCATION: Flower Shop
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Flower Shop and you will meet up with Eleanor who seems to be tending to some flowers
  • After finding out that Mac is not here we can now try to leave the store. However, as we do so Eleanor starts to worry and forget what she was originally doing
  • We will now be tasked with having to scan Eleanor and to help her remember. This will now force us to scan certain objects in the building.
  • For now it does not matter what order you scan these objects in, just make sure you scan them.
  • You will need to scan the following in order to proceed;
  • Door sign
  • Flowers in the glass cabinet
  • Cashier
  • Family Photo (In the back room)
  • Telephone (In the back room)
  • After scanning all 5 objects the building will start to go all strange and fog will form outside.
  • With this let us return back to Eleanor and choose the dialogue option to Retrace your steps
  • Eleanor will now follow you around the store as you try to piece everything in order
  • We need to scan everything we just scanned again, but this time we need to do it in an order that makes sense to Eleanor and her daily schedule.
  • The correct order for this part is
  • 1) The door sign
  • 2) Phone

3) Family Photo

4) Flowers (Lillies)

5) Cashier

  • We will now discover that the lillies were meant for Jed
  • Elanor will now stop worrying and we can continue our adventures!


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