Life Is Strange: True Colors – Student (Optional Task – Earworm Squasher) Guide

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As you continue through Life Is Strange: True Colors you will come across optional tasks, most of which are missable. They are also only unlocked when you have spoken to the correct NPC

For this specific guide we will be focusing on the Student request, which tasks us with finding a music album for the Jukebox

  • CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Monster or Mortal
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Clean up the dirty dishes
  • GUIDE:
  • You can complete this little request as soon as you are instructed to clean the dirty dishes
  • Whilst you are in the Black Lantern bar you should notice a student sitting alone at a table, she seems to be studying.
  • Anyway if you scan her you will notice that she is eager for the jukebox to play a particular song.
  • Head on over to the jukebox and if you scroll through the albums you will notice that one of them is missing, number 2 Alabaster Daydreams
  • Try playing this song in order for it to count and the next section can be triggered
  • From there try talking to Steph about the album, we will now learn that Jed was the one who took the album out of the jukebox
  • Go ahead and speak to Jed who is sat next to the door. We will now learn that the album can be found behind the bar
  • Head behind the bar and the album is next to the computer
  • With the album now in hand, place it in the jukebox and play it in order to complete this one.


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