Life Is Strange: True Colors – Hoodie Guy (Optional Task – Found Dog) Guide

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As you continue through Life Is Strange: True Colors you will come across optional tasks, most of which are missable. They are also only unlocked when you have spoken to the correct NPC

For this specific guide we will be focusing on the Hoodie Guy request, which tasks us with searching for a dog

  • CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Lanterns
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Investigate the flower shop
  • GUIDE:
  • You can begin this one as soon as you are able to investigate the flower shop
  • Head into the record shop in order to find the Hoodie Guy standing by the breakup section
  • Scan him to reveal his true feelings and you will learn that someone named Chrissy left him, at this point you would think that he is talking about a girlfriend or wife. However, he is not..
  • If you turn around and head towards the wall you will notice a bulletin board
  • If you inspect this bulletin board you will then realise that this Chrissy that the Hoodie Guy is talking about, is in actual fact a missing dog.
  • Report back to the Hoodie Guy in order to complete this request. You will be rewarded with the Found Dog trophy achievement


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