Life Is Strange: True Colors – Birdwatcher (Optional Task – Bird Spotting) Guide

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As you continue through Life Is Strange: True Colors you will come across optional tasks, most of which are missable. They are also only unlocked when you have spoken to the correct NPC

For this specific guide we will be focusing on the Birdwatcher request, which tasks us with hunting down birds.

  • CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Lanterns
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Investigate the flower shop
  • GUIDE:
  • This optional task can be activated as soon as we are tasked with going to the flower shop
  • For now ignore the story objective and head to the park
  • At the park you should be able to spot a Birdwatcher
  • Make sure to scan the Birdwatcher by holding L2 and pressing X (Playstation), this will let you sense their aura and tell you that she is looking for birds, hence the name really
  • Now head towards the stream on the right and then look for a passage behind a building.
  • Head behind this building in order to find a tree, sitting on this tree is a bird.
  • Scan the bird in order for it to count
  • Now that we have successfully found the bird, report back to the Birdwatcher to end this small quest.
  • You will now be rewarded with the Bird Spotting trophy achievement


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