Life Is Strange: True Colors – Jelly Bean Lady (Optional Task – Exactly 731) Guide

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As you continue through Life Is Strange: True Colors you will come across optional tasks, most of which are missable. They are also only unlocked when you have spoken to the correct NPC

For this specific guide we will be focusing on the Jelly Bean Lady request, which tasks us with guessing the correct number of Jelly Beans.

  • CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Flicker
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Enjoy the festival
  • GUIDE:
  • During the festival there will be a stall that is holding a Jelly Bean competition.
  • Head to this stall and speak to the man at the Jelly Bean Counter. You will learn that the winner of the competition will be rewarded with a $100 gift card. The man here wants to win this gift card for his mother who just got a promotion
  • The man will then ask you how many Jelly Beans they are in the nearby jar, it is impossible to know right now so just choose either option.
  • Alex will then hint that the Jelly Bean Lady is hiding something, you will now want to scan her. Our reward will be being called a nitwit for our incorrect guess earlier
  • Well now that we know our guess earlier was wrong, let us go and inform the man here before he makes an incorrect guess.
  • We will also get to make another guess, which again is impossible to get right, so just choose any option
  • If you scan the Jelly Bean Lady one more time we will now get the correct answer, which is 731
  • Now that we know the correct answer go ahead and tell the man, who will then be delighted and we will be rewarded with the Exactly 731 trophy achievement


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