(LIS2) Life Is Strange 2 : Episode 1 (Roads) All Souveniers Guide

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Life Is Strange 2 has plenty of different Trophies and Achievements that you can hunt down and unlock, several of which are related to the ‘Souveniers’ which are obtainable items that can be attached to your backpack during your adventures. In Episode 1 Roads there are a total of 6 that you can track down and locate, here we have listed where you can get each one..

1) Fishing Bait – Into The Woods


For this one you need to be in the ‘Into The Woods’ section of the game. From there keep playing until you reach the Lake.
Whilst at the Lake eventually Daniel will be at the left side of the Lake trying to skim stones into the Water, at this point you will want to head over to the tree right next to him and look up at the leaves. The item you want might be hard to locate at first but keep searching and you will find it hanging on a leaf.

2, 3 & 4) Bear Keychain, Sticker, Bird Feather – Bear Station

TROPHY / ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Ranger, Bonus Miles, Bear Aware

In the Bear Station you can get a total of 3 different Souveniers. The Bird Feather is around the back of the building and near a Pumpkin head, you should hear a bird amongst the wood.
The Sticker is inside the building and next to the door on a small window. As for the Bear Keychain that is at the checkout on the table.

5) Shark Tooth Necklace – Sand Castle


Whilst at the Sand Castle location you will have the opportunity to play fetch with Mushroom the dog. When throwing the stick try and aim for the sign that is to the left and the dog will come back with the Necklace

6) Card – #RoomWithAView


Whilst at the Motel you should be able to see a cupboard, open it and to the right on a small section should be a small card. First look at this Card as doing so will unlock the ‘Pick Up’ option, when the option presents itself pick it up to get the final Souvenier of Episode 1.
Congratulations you should now have all 6 Souveniers and the Trophy / Achievement Dillydallying too

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