(LIS2) Life Is Strange 2 : Episode 2 (Rules) All Souveniers Guide

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Here you will find a guide on the locations of all of the hidden Souvenir Collectibles found in Life Is Strange Episode 2 Rules
​There are a total of 6 different ones to collect. Getting all 6 will unlock the Trophy / Achievement ‘A Private Journey’

​Collectible 1: As you make your way towards the Cabin during episode 1. There will be a Snowman you can interact with, behind this Snowman is a Tree. If you look up at this tree, the collectible is amongst the branches
Collectible 2: After having breakfast with Grandma. Head upstairs (you may need to interact with certain items first in order to trigger this). Once upstairs you can mess with the toy Train set. Here is a list of what to do at the train set:
+ Set the right-most switch to right
+ Refill the coal
+ Set the right-most switch to forward
+ Send the train through the right-hand tunnel
+ Speed up the train and send it through the same tunnel
+ Stop the train and check it
Collectible 3: If you head to the Snowman behind Chris’s house. Interact with this Snowman and the next collectible will be sat on it
Collectible 4: Inside Chris’s house you will be tasked with putting the toys into groups of either Heroes or Villains. This one is easy as only the Shark and Insecticides are the enemy
Collectible 5: For this one you need to talk to the girl playing the Guitar towards the back of the area. Eventually when she leaves the area, the next collectible will be found where she was sitting
Collectible 6: When you are looking for Grandma’s key to the ‘secret room’. Once inside the room inspect the CD Player on the right side of the wall. You will need to plug it in at the wall, once you have done so tamper with the CD Player once again to lift the lid up and inside is the next collectible


Back in Time
Family Business
Bad Santa
Teenage Angst
Small Town Blues
A Private Journey

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