(LIS2) Life Is Strange 2 : Episode 4 (Faith) All Souvenirs / Collectibles Guide

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Episode 4, Faith. Has plenty of collectibles to find and collect, 6 of them to be precise. 
Getting them all will net you the following trophies / achievements..

* A New Perspective
* Lone Wolf
* Amazing Grace
* Promised Land
* All Sinners
* Heaven & Hell
* Archivist 
​* Chiaroscuro


You only need to complete one drawing to get the trophy / achievement. The first chance to draw is when the character is sat in the Hospital bed. There is a pad and pencil on the table in front.


After Joey comes in and helps treat the eye injury, he will then leave and there will be a pen on the table this is the collectible


​After escaping to Navada and you gain control, you will find yourself in a car.
On the right there will be a business card which happens to be the next collectible


After being bullied and forced to walk on foot, you will come across a shaded part where you can rest. After resting continue on and you will find a wild Coyote, follow it to the next collectible


​After reaching the Church and going inside, there will be a table to the left.
On top of this table will be a set of pins, pick up the pin to get this one.


After finally re-uniting with Daniel, you will eventually find yourself in a Hotel.
Whilst in the Hotel room there will be a drawer you can open between the beds, do so and then look to the left of the drawer to find a Casino Chip


After speaking with Karen and hooking up with Jacob, you will be tasked on entering and hunting for Daniel and the medical records. Inside the property track down Daniel’s room and from there you will find a drawing under the cushion on the bed,
the drawing is the final collectible of the episode.

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