(LIS2) Life Is Strange 2 : Episode 5 (Wolves) All Souvenirs / Collectibles Guide

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Episode 5, Wolves. Has plenty of collectibles to find and collect, 6 of them to be precise. 

Getting them all will net you the following trophies / achievements..

* Out of Ink
* The Magic Place
* She Wolf
* The Age of Reason
* Remorseful
* Dead Man’s Bones
* Boundaries
* Specks of Dust

1) DRAWING: When you are tasked with packing things into your bag as you stare into the sun, turn left and sitting next to you will be a Sketchbook that you can use to draw. (Out of Ink)

2) SHINY ROCK: As your heading down the rocky mountain you should see some Weed on the ground and a small fork in the road, if you head left at this point and walk to the very end, there should be a shiny object on the mountain opposite. Use Daniel to get this object. (The Magic Place)

At the Caravan park you should immediately see some wooden boxes full of plants and herbs, on the side of one of these will be some stickers. (She Wolf) 

After speaking to everyone and creating a new model robot Daniel will want to go on a Scavenger Hunt, accept. Now we need to hunt for several different maps.
One of which is by the rocks at the Mill nearby, Solar Panels behind David’s Caravan and finally under the damaged cars. (The Age of Reason)

This one is under David’s Caravan (may only appear after inspecting the Police Radio). (Remorseful)

6) ROCK:
 Near the border wall there will be a large rock to the North East, near this rock will be the collectible and some blue canisters. (Dead Man’s Bones)

After disposing of the Police Officers and getting Daniel to open the door to reclaim your gear, look down and on top of the Vigilante’s bag is an American Pin (Boundaries)

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