Man Of Medan : All Pictures (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Man Of Medan has many different pictures and collectibles to snuff out.

These usually come in either Black Framed (Quite a lot of deaths that night) or White Framed (Possible futures). However, below we have a video showing off the locations of both the black and white framed pictures.

Each picture shows off some form of hint as to what may happen during the course of the game, to hopefully help plan your adventure a bit better. It can also mean spoilers too, so be advised.


High and Dry (Chapter – Wreck)
Cut and Run (Chapter – Uninvited Guests)
Devil and the Deep (Chapter – Dive)
In the Offing (Chapter – An Escape)
Cut of your jib (Chapter – Caskets)
Close Quarters (Chapter – Danny)
Keelhaul (Chapter – Ritual)
Plain Sailing (Chapter – Glamor Girl)
Loose Cannon (Chapter – Distress Signal)
Know the Ropes (Chapter – Depths)
A Little Hope (Chapter – Olson)

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