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Man Of Medan has several hidden secrets to be found and snuffed out, here is a location to where you will find them

There are a total of 50 secrets to find and they can range from either files or obscure items. The in-game menu shows how many you have and which ones you still need to collect.

Thankfully there is a feature within the game that allows all items and objects to shine when you are near them, making it difficult to miss anything out if you are actually paying attention to the areas you are in of course.

​However, if you are still struggling below is a video and list of the secrets you can find and obtain, some of which are only available if you opt to play online co-op.

Note: The number next to each collectible is the number in which they are represented in the in-game menu.

12, 15, 17, 31, 33 & 46 are obtainable via online co-op play


1 – Diary (Caskets Chapter)
5 – Water Purification Plant Map (Glamore Girl Chapter)
6 – Nautical Chart (Distress Signal Chapter)
7 – Engineer Logbook (Caskets Chapter)
8 – Engine Room Telegraph Log (Depths Chapter)
9 – Man Overboard Search Orders (Glamore Girl Chapter)
10 – Navigator Notebook (Distress Signal Chapter)
11 – Journal (Caskets Chapter)
13 – Small Casket (Caskets Chapter)
14 – Guard Duty Roster (Caskets Chapter)
16 – Screaming Corpse (Danny Chapter)
18 – Terrified Corpse (Caskets Chapter)
19 – Radio Operator’s Memo (Finding Friends Chapter)
22 – Casket Nameplate (Caskets Chapter)
23 – Catering Staff Schedule (Caskets Chapter)
24 – Open Casket (Caskets Chapter)
26 – Guard Duty Note (Abandoned Ship Chapter)
27 – Private Patterson Medical Record (Depths Chapter)
28 – Private Miller Letter (Trapped Chapter)
29 – Radio Operator Final Message (Distress Signal Chapter)
30 – Flight Plan (Dive Chapter)
32 – Dog Tag (Danny Chapter)
34 – Military Orders (Depths Chapter)
35 – Locked Casket (Caskets Chapter)
36 – Casket Shortage Memo (Olson Chapter)
37 – Broken Wires (Ritual Chapter)
38 – Chemical Leak (Ritual Chapter)
39 – Electro Results (Caskets Chapter)
40 – Missing Lifeboat (Dive Chapter)
41 – Medan Hat (Danny Chapter)
42 – Ship Logbook (Open Deck Chapter)
44 – 1947 Newspaper (Trapped Chapter)
45 – Private Reed’s Letter (Caskets Chapter)
47 – Cargo Ship’s Manual (Ritual Chapter)
48 – Minutes of meeting (Depths Chapter)
49 – Anti Aircraft Shell (Dive Chapter)
50 – Anti Aircraft Shell Casing (Revenge Chapter)

(Note: The numbers represent how they appear in the in-game menu)

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