Lost Judgment – Chapter 1: Black Sheep (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 1 – Black Sheep

  • GUIDE:
  • We begin the chapter by having to tail Kosuke, a shady guy and one in which a client has asked for help with.
  • In order to tail Kosuke, you just need to keep him in your sights. If you get spotted you can get rid of the unwanted attention by pressing and holding the triangle button (Playstation)
  • Kosuke will eventually stop and begin talking to a woman, turns out he may be possibly cheating on the client, Keiko.
  • We will now learn how to use the camera
  • You can bring the camera up using the square button (Playstation), then in order to focus the camera you can simply use the left analogue stick (Playstation), then zoom in using the L2 and R2 buttons (Playstation). Try to play about this these new controls in order to get the correct photo.
  • For getting the perfect shot and all of the objectives, you will be rewarded with a bonus 100 SP
  • Continue to tail Kosuke
  • Eventually you will run into a bunch of thugs, we will now learn how the combat mechanic works.
  • As it is a tutorial we will also get some objectives, complete them all to continue.
  • Square button (Playstation) is the basic attack button
  • L1 button (Playstation) is your basic guard button
  • Holding the R1 button (Playstation) is the fighting stance
  • Anyway after defeating the Street Punks continue to tail Kosuke, who is now at the nearby car park.
  • Head into the Poppo store in order to once again take photos of Kosuke, this time he is using the cash machine. This one is quite a quick one so be ready to take the shot.
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Secure The Infiltration Route / Find A Way To Sneak Into The Building
  • GUIDE:
  • Our next tutorial is on how to scan the nearby environment (Active Search Mode)
  • Basically press and hold the R2 button (Playstation) on anything of potential interest and scan it using the X button (Playstation)
  • We will be tasked with securing the infiltration route, you can start this by examining the boarded up windows. This will be our entry point
  • Now in order to find the foothold you will need to head down the nearby alley and look for the AC Unit
  • (NOTE: If you ever get stuck on what to examine and scan, then you can get hints by pressing and holding the L2 button (Playstation))

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Sneak into the building
  • GUIDE:
  • Now that we have secured a way inside, we can now begin climbing. So use the AC Unit in order to begin climbing. Whilst climbing you will mainly only be using the directional pad and Circle button to navigate
  • Up here you can find several items including Toughness Light, Mysterious Seeds, Small Screw, Silver Plate, Tauriner. At the end climb through the window by the cats

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head Upstairs Without Getting Spotted
  • GUIDE:
  • We will now get told as to where Kosuke is, apparently he can be found in the tatami room on the 5F floor
  • However, we will also need to defeat the Street Punks. This will be yet another tutorial, this time we will learn about the Tiger Style and Ex Actions
  • Complete the combat tutorial to continue.
  • Exit the room and we will now need to sneakily navigate our way to the tatami room without being caught.
  • We won’t be getting past the guard here though, so turn to the left to find a door next to you. Head through it
  • The guard in here is sleeping. However, we need the key on the table next to him, so carefully sneak and get it without waking him up.
  • Unlock the door in here and it will lead to the staircase. Climb the stairs, along the way you can grab a Staminan X
  • Once you reach the top of the staircase, this next door will require you to use a lock picking. Just raise each pin until it highlights, when it highlights it will be in the correct position
  • We will now be on the 5F floor. Unfortunately a guard is blocking the door to the tatami room.
  • We will now get a tutorial on Coin Toss, which is basically a way to distract enemies.
  • So aim and throw a coin (R2 – Playstation) and then sneak up behind the guard and take him out (Triangle – Playstation)
  • Now before you enter the tatami room you can find a Dirty Cloth
  • When you are ready, proceed.

  • GUIDE:
  • After the scene we will now need to fight Kosuke, who will then summon backup
  • We will now get a tutorial on EX Boost
  • After being beat, Kosuke will then try to run off and this will trigger our first chase. Simply try to avoid running into obstacles and capture Kosuke using the Circle button
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Go To Genda Law Office
  • GUIDE:
  • After helping our client out with her issues we will now be tasked with going to the Genda Law Office
  • With this we will now be able to take advantage of any DLC items, we can also save our game
  • Here we will meet Genda, who fans of the previous game will no doubt recognise.
  • Speak to Genda to find out that Saori and Hoshino (also from the previous game) are currently at a court trail regarding a violation.
  • After the scene leave the office and speak to Kaito, we will now be leaving Kamurocho
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Return to Yagami Detective Agency
  • GUIDE:
  • Deal with the Shady Bar Owner. Here we will also get a quick tutorial on improving our skills, basically gain SP to unlock new abilities. SP can be earned by completing the main story, completing side quests, and other various objectives
  • After the following scenes, we will bid our client farewell
  • We will now unlock the trophy achievement The Game Is Afoot, the real game will now begin..
  • After the next scene we can now run and explore the city of Kamurocho. Feel free to defeat foes in order to gain SP.
  • However, when you are ready head to the Yagami Detective Agency on Nakamichi.
  • At the Yagami Detective Agency you can do a few optional and fun activities, such as decorate your shelving, play music, and even play on the Sega Master System, though we can only play Alex Kidd in Miracle World at present. We need to collect more games!
  • When you are ready speak to Kaito in order to proceed
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To Yokohama 99
  • GUIDE:
  • We will now find ourselves in Isezaki Ijincho
  • Head towards your main mission objective (Yokohama 99) and you will bump into a bunch of kids threatening a storekeeper.
  • We will now get a tutorial on the Snake Style. Again complete the tutorial objectives in order to progress
  • We will unlock the Merciful trophy achievement here
  • For helping the storekeeper we will be rewarded with the Wristband. You can equip this by going to the Items App (Triangle – Playstation) and navigate to the Gear option
  • GUIDE:
  • At the Yokohama 99 we will be able to meet both Tsukumo and Sugiura, who are from the previous game and play a key role. Tsukumo is very much the Otacon of the Lost Judgment world, forever into his gadgets and anime.
  • Anyway after the scene make your way to the Kyoinro restaurant in order to meet the client. Before you go in you can find a Scorpion next to the door.
  • Meet the client and school chairman, Yuzo Okuda. He will give us the details on this latest issue regarding the school and bullying.
  • Feel free to ask whatever question you want.
  • After the scene we will now get our first case study and the first applicant.
  • Back at the Yokohama 99, speak to Sugiura and you will be able to unlock the skateboard. Meaning we can now skate around the city. We will also unlock the trophy achievement Kick Flip
  • Soon enough Tsukumo will start complaining about a limited edition anime figure over at the Ebisu Pawn store, yes I said he was the Otacon of the Lost Judgment world.
  • We will now need to head to the Ebisu Pawn store, this is a side quest known as Skateboard Detective Vs The Reseller. Basically the game will let you test out your new skateboard
  • Once you have the anime toy return back to Yokohama 99
  • Rest on the couch.
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Go To Seiryo High School
  • GUIDE:
  • We will now learn about the various disguises and be given the Work Clothes
  • Enter the nearby taxi and head to Seiryo High School

  • GUIDE:
  • We will now be at the Seiryo High School. Start this segment by basically following Kaito
  • Near the lockers you can find an Old Circuit and a Small Screw
  • After a while, Kaito will suggest that we split up. So head to 3F in order to continue
  • Yagami will automatically position a camera on the stairs
  • The next location that needs a camera is the men’s bathroom, to the right.
  • Continuing to the 4F, you will bump into the Janitor.
  • We will need to go past the Janitor but whilst he is sitting on the stairs this is not going to happen.
  • Enter the Observation Mode by pressing the L3 button (Playstation). Then scan the water bottle next to the Janitor, to notice the label has been removed. Yagami will think that it must of been filled with tap water and that the Janitor doesn’t have money for an actual water bottle.
  • Speak to the Janitor and give him 1,000 Yen in order for him to move
  • Yagami will now automatically place yet another camera on the stairs
  • Return back to 2F in order to reunite with Kaito, who will have a few more cameras to place.
  • Head into the 2-2 classroom in order to place the final camera
  • A teacher will then stop you, reply with either So this is how you treat people? or The chairman hired us
  • You will now be rewarded with 500 Yen and 200 SP
  • Head to the gym
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To The Gymnasium
  • GUIDE:
  • Here we will meet up with both Sagiura and Tsukumo
  • After the scene head to the 2-2 classroom back on 2F
  • Here we will find the poor bullied girl, we will now need to scan her for anything that may help us with our investigation
  • If you examine the books on her table you will find out that her name is Mami Koda
  • Scan Koda’s hand
  • Scan Koda’s neck
  • You will be rewarded with 100 Yen and 100 SP for successfully scanning her for any potential clues
  • We will now need to head to the chairman’s office on 3F. You can take the 2F elevators in order to get there
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Go To The Chairman’s Office On The 3rd Floor
  • GUIDE:
  • In the chairman’s room we will find out that the teacher that stopped us before is known as Yoko Sawa
  • When prompted with the secret in this video on how to stop the bullying, reply with the onlookers are the problem. This will give Yagami the idea to plan mini speakers in the classroom
  • We will now be rewarded with 100 Yen and 100 SP
  • As we try to reach classroom 2-2, Tsukumo will notice that one of the cameras is down.
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Check The Camera On The Second Floor Staircase
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the 2F stairs in order to find a sticker covering the camera lens
  • We will now get spotted by a school girl named Amasawa
  • Yagami will then jump through the window, which will result in us having to climb our way around the building
  • We will be rewarded with 500 Yen and 100 SP
  • Whilst climbing we can find a Stretchy Rubber, Mysterious Seeds, Mysterious Mushroom, Tauriner, Well-used Rubber, and a Staminan X
  • Anyway continue on and do an run and jump towards the drone.
  • We will now be rewarded with 500 Yen and 300 SP
  • Unfortunately a bunch of guards will be out and we cannot get spotted, so it will be time to stealth our way to classroom 2-2
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To Class 2-2 Without Getting Spotted
  • GUIDE:
  • Start your stealth mission by looking at the guard down the hall, this will cause him to leave
  • Head to the 2F stairs, unfortunately there will be another guard and we will now need to find an alternative route
  • Head up the stairs towards the rooftop. On the way to the rooftop we will get a tutorial on Smoke Balls, use it on the guard here
  • We will now be out on the rooftop, sadly there are yet more guards here.
  • Start off by heading right in order to avoid getting detected by the guard on the left.
  • Then head to the left side and continue on to the end. However, watch out for the guard at the end here. You will need to wait until he looks away before darting for the door
  • Continue down the stairs in order to find a Smokescreen Powder
  • Now we will come across our next guard, either throw a coin towards him or use a Smoke Ball to distract him. Do not use stealth takedown as it will not work on the guards here, instead just continue on past him
  • We should now be on floor 2F, we will have yet more guards here. Again make sure of the coin to distract the first guard. Once he has been dealt with we will now be safe to reach classroom 2-2
  • We will be rewarded with 500 Yen and 400 SP
  • GUIDE:
  • Now we have successfully made it into classroom 2-2, we will need to place the mini speakers on Koda’s desk.
  • We will now need to fight a bunch of Rowdy Students. Ya-Kun will be our first boss of the game but he should be easy enough to handle
  • For taking out the Rowdy Students you will be rewarded with 3,000 Yen and 500 SP
  • We will now be out of our disguise. Return back to Yokohama 99

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 2 – Vicious Cycle



Never judge a book by its cover. Lets tail Kosuke-kun and find out just what type of guy he is.


Scaling walls is my speciality. Plenty of footings, too. Time to strut my stuff


Kosuke-kun’s supposedly in the tatami room on the 5th floor. The entire building’s on high alert after my presence became known. Can’t afford getting caught now.


I can’t take Keiko-san to that bar. I’ll have her lie low at Genda-sensei’s place for a bit


Let’s head back to Yagami Detective Agency. Gonna have to call up Sagiura and Tsukumo when I do.


It’s been a while since I last saw Tsukumo and Sugiura. Can’t believe they teamed up to start a detective agency. Kind of excited to see what sort of place they’re running.


Yokohama’s known for its Chinatown. Not bad. We’re about to discuss the job the guys have for us at a restaurant called Kyoinro. I think they said the client’s a high school chairman.


Gotta setup the spy cameras, but this place is huge. Time to put my detective’s eye to use and discreetly find good spots for them.


Four years ago, on January 10, 2018, the first day of the new semester, a male third-year high-schooler (age 18) was found by his mother at 7AM, hanging from a towel wrapped around his neck in his own bedroom, in an apartment near Ijincho, Yokohama. An ambulance took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.


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