Lost Judgment – Chapter 2: Vicious Cycle (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 2 – Vicious Cycle

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Black Sheep

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Talk To The Chairman
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Seiryo High School and we will now get our next court record, along with more personnel records (Akihiro Ehara, Hiro Mikoshiba, and Yoko Sawa)
  • When you are ready proceed by speaking to the chairman, Yuzo Okuda.
  • During the conversation we will be tasked with identifying what pushed the chairman towards taking action against the bullying now? The evidence you want here is the Eyewitness Smartphone Footage
  • After the scene we will be rewarded with 100 Yen 200 SP
  • Head to the 2F Faculty Room in order to find Sawa

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To The Faculty Room
  • GUIDE:
  • Turns out Sawa isn’t here right now so lets search her desk for any potential clues. The main clue that you want to scan is the photo of the students, you will notice a picture being hidden under the other picture.. strange.. for now ignore it
  • You will then be rewarded with 500 Yen and 1,000 SP
  • Sawa will then turn up feeling rather agitated by our snooping
  • Head to the gym
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To The Gymnasium
  • GUIDE:
  • In the gym you can find a Stretchy Rubber and Koda, speak to Koda to continue
  • Fight and defeat the Delinquent Students
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Look For An ‘In’ At The School
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the locker room, which is basically the reception area that we visited earlier and was used in Chapter 1 – Black Sheep
  • Here inspect the bulletin board in order to get interrogated by the school girl from Chapter 1 – Black Sheep, Amasawa.
  • The only way to get out of this mess is to negotiate with Amasawa, this option will become available after burning out all of the other ones first
  • Inspect the bulletin board (Observation Mode), after all Amasawa was also inspecting the board, here you will find a leaflet on the Mystery Research Club
  • You will now be rewarded with 500 Yen and 500 SP
  • Speak to Amasawa and tell her that you are a detective and that you want to be the club advisor. She will now want to test you in order to make sure you can join the club
  • Follow Amasawa to a nearby room
  • After the scene we will now be at the Dance Club Room, this is where we will be able to unlock the rhythm mini-game.
  • For completing the rhythm mini-game tutorial we will be rewarded with 500 Yen and 1,000 SP.
  • After the following scene we will then unlock the School Stories, which is an optional activity. In order to unlock new stories you will need to improve Yagami’s leadership
  • Return back to the gym
  • We will then be rewarded with 100 Yen and 200 SP. We will also get an update to the court case.

  • GUIDE:
  • We will now need to find Koda, who will be in classroom 2-2
  • After the scene at the 2-2 classroom, make your way to 3F
  • Of course it was a setup, teach the students yet another lesson and we will be back outside
  • Shimmy and climb your way around the building collecting a Small Screw and a Toughness Z along the way
  • Continue to wreck havoc with the students and you will be rewarded with 1,000 Yen and 3,000 SP
  • Return back to the 2F Faculty Room in order to search for Sawa once again
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Look For Sawa-sensei
  • GUIDE:
  • Again Sawa is not at the Faculty Office, so we can once again inspect her desk.
  • Remember the student photo we examined before? Well now we can examine the hidden picture at the back
  • Head to the 3F chairman office in order to complete this chapter

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Two Sides of the Same Coin



On October 7, 2021 at 9:12 AM, inside the train arriving at Shinjuku station, a 30-year-old businesswoman was sexually harassed on a train headed for Shinjuku Station. The defendant is Akihiro Ehara-Tokyo Metropolitan police officer, age 53. After being identified by the victim on the scene, he attempted to flee, but was detained by some passerby on the station platform. The incident was captured by several security cameras around the station as well as multiple eyewitness with smartphones. However, Ehara has stated he’s actually innocent of the crime he’s been charged with.


Let’s hear what the chairman has to say about Hiro Mikoshiba, the murdered student teacher


I think I’d have to interview Sawa-sensei… Hopefully this goes smoothly, considering our previous track record.


I should see if anyone from the basketball club is on campus. They were the ones bullying Koda, and were close with Mikoshiba, apparently..


I really need to find a reason to be on campus so I can question people.. I wonder if there are any staff openings? Maybe I’ll ask at reception.


Hmm, strange-nobody from the basketball club came to practice. I have a feeling something is wrong.. Let’s try and find Koda first.


It sounds like Sawa-sensei’s been giving mixed opinions of Mikoshiba. I should question her again.


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