Lost Judgment – Chapter 8: Phantom of Ijincho (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 8 – Phantom Of Ijincho

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 7 – Blindsided

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Go To The Chairman’s Office
  • GUIDE:
  • We begin this chapter by having to scan for various clues in Sawa’s apartment
  • Scan Sawa’s neck (this will reveal the cause of death, an ice pick)
  • Blood on the floor (this will reveal a Kurokawa Academy Yearbook)
  • Choose to take the Yearbook with you
  • Examine the damaged door lock
  • We will now get an update to the case, including character profiles for Yoko Sawa (Victim), Kazuki Soma (Suspect), Daimu Akutsu, and Jin Kuwana
  • After the scene head to the 3F Chairman’s Office
  • After the scene leave the room and head to Classroom 2-2
  • Proceed to leave the school and make your way to Yokohama 99
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Return To Yokohama 99
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Yokohama 99 in order to discuss the next steps
  • After the scene make your way to Kuwana’s house on W Central St.
  • When you arrive be sure to grab the Earthworm from under the stairs, then make your way upstairs.
  • We will now be tasked with looking for clues regarding Kuwana
  • Examine the Ramen cup in the sink
  • Examine the knocked over shelf
  • Examine Kuwana’s computer chair
  • Examine the empty ash tray on the desk
  • Examine the power cable on the desk
  • Examine the wet substance on the floor (cup of sake)
  • Examine the cigarettes on the bed (Examine the top of the lighter)
  • Examine the bed (futon)
  • Examine the kettle (stove)
  • Examine the advertisement banner
  • Examine the blue buckets
  • Examine the collection of magazines
  • Examine the sofa
  • Examine the Printer
  • You will find a USB inside the lighter, which is basically what you are really after here
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to bar Siren over in Chinatown
  • When you arrive you will notice that the place is empty, it didn’t look like very inviting to begin with.
  • Suddenly Soma will appear and a fight will break out.
  • After the fight the chapter will then end

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Weight Of Guilt



I’ve been summoned to the chairman’s office. How do I go in there and face him now that Sawa-sensei’s- One step at a time, Yagami. Just show up first.


Let’s head back to Tsukumo’s office for now and discuss our next moves.


Kuwana’s distant relative and ex-yakuza owns Siren. If I can talk to him, I might just get a lead on Kuwana’s location. The bar’s in Chinatown. Gotta get there before RK does.


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