Lost Judgment – Chapter 9: The Weight of Guilt (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 9 – The Weight Of Guilt

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – Phantom Of Ijincho

  • GUIDE:
  • Start the chapter by going to bar Survive over on Bar District
  • Here we will meet the owner of Bar Siren
  • We will then need to try and get information out of him, choose the His real name is Kikakata option
  • After the scene head to Yokohama 99 and speak with Tsukumo
  • Unfortunately before we can meet up with Tsukumo we will bump into Tesso, who apparently thinks we are part of the RK
  • During the fight you will be prompted with a QTE, the combinations vary depending on difficulty. Tesso will also summon more backup.
  • Anyway after the scene make your way inside Yokohama 99
  • After playing the video we will now need to scan it for any potential evidence.
  • Scan the main bully on the left (Yagami will mention that he has seen him before)
  • Scan the girl with the cellphone capturing the footage (She was formerly Suzuki, the option you want here is Yui Mamiya)
  • Scan the victim (Mitsuru Kusumoto)
  • Scan the tall kid in the background next to Mamiya (Akaike)
  • Examine the date that the footage was taken (17.9.2008)
  • We will now get to look through the Yearbook from Sawa’s apartment
  • Scan the male teacher to the top left (Homeroom Teacher)
  • Answer the next question with To get revenge on the bullies
  • As for the evidence on who knew Kawai, select the Mitsuru Kusumoto’s Bullying Video
  • We will be rewarded with 1,000 Yen and 5,000 SP. Plus new updates on the case and Jin Kuwana’s character profile
  • Rest up on the couch to end the day
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Meet Up With Sugiura
  • GUIDE:
  • Head back to Yokohama 99 to meet up with Sugiura
  • We will then need to question Mamiya, pick whichever option you want but your main option for this segment is about the orchestrated plan, the option on the left.
  • We will then need to show proof that Kuwana had not forgot about Mamiya, select the Mitsuru Kusumoto’s Bullying Video
  • A fight against a bunch of Masked Men will then commence, why do I keep getting Joker vibes?
  • Anyway after the fight, we will now find ourselves in Higashi’s Game Center. Speak to Mamiya
  • Okay, well that quite lengthy but it seems the case is getting somewhere now. With that head to the Yagami Detective Agency
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To The Yagami Detective Agency
  • GUIDE:
  • After the scene at the Yagami Detective Agency, you will then need to start chasing Kuwana
  • The chase will end at Senryo Ave. and you will receive 2,000 Yen and 8,000 SP
  • We will then be forced to fight Kuwana’s Former Students, lead by Akaike
  • After the fight the chapter will end and we will receive the trophy achievement Lessons Taught

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 10 – Catch A Tiger



The owner of Siren says he’s got something to tell me. I need to get over to Survive in the entertainment district, quick.


I’m sure Sugiura has a car ready for us over at Yokohama 99 by now. We’re heading to Tokyo to meet with Yui Mamiya.. and it’s going differently this time.


I haven’t seen Kuwana since that time at Sawa-sensei’s apartment… I’ve got plenty of questions for him, and he’s not getting away without some answers!


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