Lost Judgment – Chapter 10: Catch A Tiger (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 10 – Catch A Tiger

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 9 – The Weight Of Guilt

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Kill Some Time In Town
  • GUIDE:
  • We will now need to kill some time in town, do whatever you wish from completing various side cases or mini-games. All I did was defeat a bunch of random thugs before getting a phone call from Sugiura
  • Once you get the phone call from Sugiura head to Game Center Charles on Park Blvd
  • Speak to Mamiya and she will finally confess as to what she knows regarding the case
  • During the conversation we will need to press Mamiya some more using the evidence we have collected so far, choose the Overhead View Of Station Platform
  • To continue pressing for more information use the Hiro Mikoshiba’s Murder Footage
  • Next select the Trace Element Inspection Report
  • You can also use the Ehara’s Transit Card as evidence too
  • After the scene return to Yagami’s Detective Agency and rest for the night
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Take A Taxi To The Detention Center
  • GUIDE:
  • The following day take a nearby taxi to Tokyo Detention Center
  • During the interview with Ehara we will be prompted to show evidence of his actions after the crime, choose the Hiro Mikoshiba’s Murder Footage
  • After a bit more dialogue we will then need to provide evidence as to who told Ehara the truth, select the Did Sawa-sensei tell you what happened? option
  • After the scene head inside the Genda Law Office in order to update everyone.
  • Turns out Genda isn’t happy about Saori and is troubled, choose the We should listen to Saori-san option
  • After the scene we will then get a phone call from Tsukumo
  • After the phone call head back to Isezaki Ijincho
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To Yokohama 99
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Yokohama 99 and speak to Tsukumo
  • After the scene feel free to explore the city once again. As soon as you get far enough away from Yokohama 99 you will get a phone call from Saori
  • After the phone call return to Yokohama 99 and Tsukumo
  • We will now need to get information from Detective Watanabe who is currently in Chinatown
  • Fight and defeat Watanabe. There will be a QTE prompt during the fight, the button combination varies depending on game difficulty.
  • After the fight it will be time to take a trip to Geomijul
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Look For Kuwana In Geomijul
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Geomijul on Hyakkei St. and Tsukumo will call you
  • We will now need to stealth approach our way inside, sadly with all of the police here it won’t be easy. Also, once again I’m getting both Otacon and Metal Gear Solid vibes, especially Metal Gear Solid 2 at the minute with that last scene
  • Anyway, moving swiftly on. With everyone’s attention towards the left, we can now go in the opposite direction towards the white truck. Here you can also find a Gold Plate
  • Squeeze your way between the truck and quietly access the Geomijul area
  • Now here you will spot a guard facing your direction, get his attention away from you by using a coin to distract him. Make your way to the next checkpoint
  • Distract this next guard who seems to be having a conversation with a woman, again using a coin to distract him
  • Now head around the wall and to a bunch of boxes
  • Throw yet another coin to distract this nearby guard, then make your way to the next set of boxes. Only 2 more guards and we will be able to head through the nearby door
  • Here look up towards a building in the distance and Yagami will ask for Tsukumo’s help using his drone
  • We should now be able to get inside and hopefully without getting spotted in the process
  • Unfortunately it seems that Tsukumo is having technical difficulties all of a sudden, so we need to continue on alone.
  • Anyway head up the stairs and enter the building
  • Sugiura will now join us
  • Continue on up the next set of stairs and through the door
  • Up the stairs here you can get a High-Purity Lead on the balcony, when you are ready continue to follow the stairs up
  • As we cannot go any higher, we will now need to look for an alternative route
  • Continue along the balcony to find a Gold Plate. Here examine the wall with the arrow sign, as if hinting at something.
  • Grab the twig here and then ignore the main route for now, instead climb over the small wall in order to find a Motivator Shirt SSS
  • Then follow Sugiura by going up the drain pipes
  • Around the building you can find a Quality Wire and then on the next set of drain pipes there will be a Pebble and a Worn Magnet
  • Drop down and then run and jump to the next roof in order to find a Toughness Z. If you fall off at this point you will need to restart the wall climb once again
  • If you climb up the next set of drain pipes you can find a Beehive, then if you drop down once again there will be a Dented Carbon. Though getting the latter means you will need to redo some of the climbing once again
  • Once you have finally made it to the rooftop you will need to fight and defeat members of RK
  • After the beat down and whilst we are here make sure to grab the Toughness Light
  • Our main objective is the rooftop but in the small room here you can find a Save Point, Cigarette Butt, and a Staminan X
  • Head up to the roof and grab the Sacred Rot before then heading through the door. Get ready to face yet more RK members
  • After the fight you will be rewarded with 2,000 Yen and 8,000 SP
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To The Yokohama Liumang’s Hideout
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the Liumang hideout over on Restaurant Row
  • During the conversation with Kuwana we will be tasked with telling him about the people chasing him, choose the Public Security option
  • We will then be asked why the Public Security are after him, choose the They’re working with Reiko Kusumoto option
  • Fight and defeat Kuwana
  • After the fight we will get a quick cameo from another Yakuza: Like A Dragon character, this time it is Zhao. The scene will then continue
  • After the scene head to Yokohama 99 and speak to Tsukumo
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To The Building Construction Site
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to the construction site to the North West
  • After the scene we will then need to fight some RK thugs
  • For winning the fight we will get 2,000 Yen and 8,000 SP
  • The chapter will then come to a close

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 11 – Undercover



Guess I’ll take a break until Saori-san and Hoshino arrive. I’d like to know what RK’s up to, so I’ll head into Kamurocho for a bit.


Time for us to interview Ehara. Better take a cab to Tokyo Detention Center. We can pick up Saori-san on the way.


I’ve done everything I can in Kamurocho. Now it’s time to head back to Yokohama 99 and sort things out with Tsukumo


Kuwana hasn’t bailed out of Ijincho yet? In any case, sounds like I better head for Geomijul right away. If the cops get Kuwana before I get there, he’ll wind up in an ”accident”!

Head To The Yokohama Liumang’s Hideout

Kuwana’s in Yokohama Liumang territory. So he’s rolling with them now? Better get over there fast.


The construction site near Seiryo High… No one’ll get hurt on the off chance Public Security is sent there. And it’s the perfect spot to spring our trap. Let’s check it out.


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