Lost Judgment – Chapter 11: Undercover (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 11 – Undercover

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 10 – Catch A Tiger

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Take A Taxi To Touto University Hospital
  • GUIDE:
  • We begin the chapter by needing to take a taxi to the Touto University Hospital
  • During the scene with Reiko Kusumoto we will be able to ask her questions, choose whichever option you want we will need to ask them all anyway
  • After the rather lengthy scene we now need to head to Restaurant Row and speak with Kuwana
  • After speaking to Kuwana we will now get updates to the case including character profiles for both Yoko Sawa and Jin Kuwana
  • Anyway when you are ready head back to Yokohama 99 and choose to sleep on the couch
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Take A Taxi To The Courthouse
  • GUIDE:
  • Take the nearby taxi to the Tokyo District Courthouse
  • We will now be in an interview with Sadao Takano the District Prosecutor, during which we will need to answer a question relating to our current position on Ehara’s appeal. Choose the Ehara’s guilty verdict was wrong option
  • We will then need to provide evidence to the big hole in the security footage, choose the Overhead View Of Station Platform
  • After the following scenes we will be back in Kamurocho, head to Genda’s Office
  • Here speak to Saori and then speak to Hoshino
  • The team will decide that Saori needs to get another makeover in order to see and speak to Akutsu, yay! I actually enjoy playing dress up!
  • Anyway select any option you want at this point, if you were happy with your last choice back in chapter 6 – converging heat then choose I’ll leave it to you, Saori-san. If not then select the top option to redo the makeover
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To Queen Rogue
  • GUIDE:
  • When you are ready proceed and head to Senryo Ave to continue
  • We will now be controlling Saori once again, female power! Again the roads are limited and linear so don’t go around expecting to dominate any random thugs
  • Anyway head to Pink St, along the way you can pick up a Pachinko Ball and a Dented Carbon
  • We will now be playing hostess and our first clients are, well, no real surprise I guess.. hm..
  • When Hoshino starts talking about the bar exam, choose the Praise his stupid achievement option
  • As the rather awkward scene continues the other hostess girls will start to become suspicious of us. Choose to either cuddle up to Genda-sensei or Sit in Hoshino-kun’s lap and the other nearby clients will start wanting to book us to their table
  • We will now get the chance to meet up with Akutsu
  • Fight and defeat Akutsu
  • The chapter will then end and we will unlock the The Mole trophy achievement

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 12 – To Nourish A Viper


Take A Taxi To Touto University Hospital

I need to take a taxi to Touto University Hospital and have Reiko Kusumoto explain everything to me directly. If she turns herself in and exposes Public Security’s secrets, they can’t operate under the radar anymore.


A preliminary discussion regarding Ehara’s appeal at the courthouse, huh. Is the court planning to deny the appeal? If that’s the case, we’ll just have to convince them otherwise, Gotta grab a taxi to the courthouse


I should head out to Queen Rogue. I can do this… I’ve gone undercover there before.


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