Lost Judgment – Chapter 12: To Nourish A Viper (Walkthrough) Guide

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Lost Judgment features a total of 13 different chapters altogether, including the finale chapter. The game takes players through various fictional Japanese cities including Kamurocho and Isezaki Ijincho.

This specific page is dedicated to bringing you a walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 12 – To Nourish A Viper

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Chapter 11 – Undercover

  • GUIDE:
  • Start the chapter by going to the Genda Office and playing escort with Saori
  • Head to the Yagami Detective Agency and rest on the couch to call it a day
  • The following day, go to the Charles Games Center on Park Blvd
  • After the scene with Higashi head to Earth Angel on Champion District
  • We will now meet up with Irie (who, in the English dubbed version, is voiced by one of my favourite voice actors, Christopher Sabat)
  • Anyway without sounding like too much of a fangirl, we will now need to head to E Shichifuku St.
  • GUIDE:
  • Head inside the building here and lets begin our search for Soma
  • Head up the stairs and then take out the RK members here
  • After the fight, head around the corner from the elevator in order to find Toughness Light
  • Heading through the door to the left of the stairs, you can find Tauriner and a safe that we cannot open just yet
  • Head through the next door to enter a dark room where we will need to search for the lighting. Examine the light switch by the door we just came through
  • After getting the lights on, examine the door behind you that is currently locked with a passcode.
  • Since we cannot enter the locked door without the code, we need to search for it in the other rooms here. So head back through the original door and speak to the guy in the safe room. He will give us 2 different codes, 0508 and 8010
  • Head to the safe in this room now and enter the code 8010 and we will find a To Crush A Dragon Skillbook inside
  • Then use the other code (0508) on the door with the passcode
  • In here we can find a Shabby Wire and a Pachinko Ball. Examine the window and Yagami will think that Soma will be in the tatami room
  • We will now be outside, we need to climb our way to 5F. Start by climbing the drain pipes on the wall.
  • Drop down to the platform below for a Stretchy Rubber and then climb back up the drain pipes. Carefully navigate your way towards the open window
  • Unfortunately the door here is closed and seems to be blocked from the other side, head back outside once again
  • Climb up the next drain pipe to the left of the window. Navigate across the side of the rooftop and collect an Exquisite Screw along the way
  • At the end drop down and land on an Empty Bottle, drop down again and collect the nearby Beehive that is here too
  • We will now learn about Parkour Pipe Descent, where you will need to basically run and jump to slide down the pipe
  • Step onto the small wooden platform here and then jump up and climb the drains on the wall
  • Keep climbing up using the various drain pipes and head right from the destination marker, if you drop down here you can collect a Staminan X
  • Climb back up again and head left, if you drop down here you can find a Small Screw
  • Continue climbing to your next destination
  • Once we have successfully made it to the rooftop, we will then need to defeat the RK thugs here
  • After taking care of those, you can then find some rope by the large generators
  • Now that we have all successfully been reunited once again, we will now have to activate stealth mode in order to get past the next set of guards
  • On this platform head right, towards where you originally came from and you should be able to climb over the gate here
  • Here make sure to avoid the spotlights, if you get caught in them you will need to redo this segment again. Anyway just around the corner and you will come across the next guard. Throw a coin to distract them
  • After taking care of him there will be a guard standing on the platform just ahead of you, he will be shining his torch around, so be sure to avoid detection
  • Near the platform in which the guard is standing on, you can find a Smokescreen Powder. Head to the next checkpoint
  • Use a coin to distract the guard by the door and just behind you is a Clean Electrical Wire
  • Here Yagami will ask Kaito for help in distracting the next set of guards
  • Kaito will now start making various cat noises, I can live with that… Anyway the guards will fall for it and move on, allowing us to progress.
  • Use a coin on this nearby guard and then proceed to knock him out
  • Near the other guard here you can find a Hug Bomb Omega. No point in knocking him out though, instead carefully head to the next checkpoint
  • From the checkpoint you can knock him out using a coin to distract him, for some reason this is the only angle that lets you do this from
  • Amongst the crates here you can find a Quality Wire
  • Head down the stairs now towards the tatami room. Down here make sure to collect the Toughness Z
  • Now before you go inside the tatami room make sure to grab the Prize Medal
  • Okay lets head inside and find Soma!
  • Turns out Soma is unfortunately not here, instead we get to pick away at more of the lower ranking thugs instead. We will also end up saving Kosuke too, who for those who may of forgotten, was in the first chapter taking advantage of our original client
  • After the next scene head to Yagami’s office in order to rest for the night.
  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Head To Yokohama 99
  • GUIDE:
  • The following day head back to Ijincho and more specifically Yokohama 99
  • We still need to locate any possible hints as to where Kuwana might of gone to, so lets search the city.
  • Simply leave Yokohama 99 and explore a bit by getting as far away from the building as possible, as soon as you get far enough away Kuwana will call you
  • After the call we will now need to head on over to Restaurant Row, to the Liumang hideout
  • Here follow Tesso to a secret passage in order to escape any unwanted attention
  • In order to progress we will now need to disguise ourselves, pick any outfit as long as its not the Street Style. I kind of went with Bartender Style as Yagami looks nice in it ha!
  • After passing through the sewer we now need to go to Sawa’s apartment on Daikokuten St.
  • A scene will then play out involving Kuwana
  • After the scene we will then need to fight Shimazaki and his goons
  • The chapter will then end and we will be rewarded with the Scales of Justice trophy achievement

NEXT CHAPTER: Final Chapter – Darkest Before The Dawn



Time to head over to Earth Angel. The former head of Tojo Clan’s Nikkyo Consortium, Irie-san, should be there.


This is a pretty large-scale operation… I heard all the ex-Tojo members in RK are in on it. Maybe Soma’s here too!


Time to meet with Tsukumo and discuss our next steps. But Ijincho is chock-full of RK right now…


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