Lost Judgment – Dragon’s Crushing Fist (Tiger Drop) Skill Location Guide

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As you continue through Lost Judgment you will come across various different Skill Books, which of course is used to improve your overall abilities list. Some skills need books in order to unlock, whilst some others need SP.

SP related skills can be unlocked quite easily as SP can be easily gained, through either completing the main story, defeating foes, and completing side cases. Whereas Skill Books will require you to find them and they can be hidden anywhere.

As you begin to unlock new abilities you will also unlock new trophies and achievements, such as; Skill Dabbler, Skill Pro, and Skill Master

Below is a simple guide on how to unlock the Dragon’s Crushing Fist ability, which is basically the Tiger Drop ability

  • SKILL: Dragon’s Crushing Fist
  • LOCATION: Office Complex
  • DESCRIPTION: A strike delivered to tandem with your enemy’s attacks. Said to have the power to slay dragons. Has a chance to leave your enemies in agony. Hold R1 and Press Triangle when an enemy is about to attack
  • GUIDE:
  • You can unlock the Dragon’s Crushing Fist ability when you are exploring the Office Complex on Chapter 12 – To Nourish A Viper
  • When you enter the building and taken care of the RK members here, there will be a door to the right.
  • Inside this room there will be a guy just randomly laying there
  • Now if you continue the story a bit more, you will end up having to return to him in order to get a code to unlock a nearby door
  • He will actually give you 2 different codes, one for the door and the other for the safe in this room.
  • The code for this safe is 8010, inside the safe is the To Crush A Dragon Skillbook.
  • You will now be able to unlock the Dragon’s Crushing Fist ability from the Tiger Skill Ability menu.
  • The Dragon’s Crushing Fist ability is basically Lost Judgment’s version of Tiger Drop, which is a very powerful ability to have!


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