Lost Judgment – Ramblings Of A Hermit (Extract Virtuoso: Conservative) Skill Location Guide

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As you continue through Lost Judgment you will come across various different Skill Books, which of course is used to improve your overall abilities list. Some skills need books in order to unlock, whilst some others need SP.

SP related skills can be unlocked quite easily as SP can be easily gained, through either completing the main story, defeating foes, and completing side cases. Whereas Skill Books will require you to find them and they can be hidden anywhere.

As you begin to unlock new abilities you will also unlock new trophies and achievements, such as; Skill DabblerSkill Pro, and Skill Master

Below is a simple guide on how to unlock the Extract Virtuoso: Conservative ability

  • SKILL: Extract Virtuoso: Conservative
  • LOCATION: Isezaki Ijincho – Open Road Shogi
  • DESCRIPTION: Gain the chance to create extracts without using up any materials
  • GUIDE:
  • You can purchase this book from Shogi-Playing Man in Isezaki Ijincho
  • It will be available for 250 points to purchase and requires a further 10,000 SP to unlock


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