Lost Judgment – Unofficial VR Strategy Guide 2021 (Append) (Elevated Roller) Skill Location Guide

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As you continue through Lost Judgment you will come across various different Skill Books, which of course is used to improve your overall abilities list. Some skills need books in order to unlock, whilst some others need SP.

SP related skills can be unlocked quite easily as SP can be easily gained, through either completing the main story, defeating foes, and completing side cases. Whereas Skill Books will require you to find them and they can be hidden anywhere.

As you begin to unlock new abilities you will also unlock new trophies and achievements, such as; Skill DabblerSkill Pro, and Skill Master

Below is a simple guide on how to unlock the Elevated Roller ability

  • SKILL: Elevated Roller
  • LOCATION: Kamurocho – Hills Garden
  • DESCRIPTION: Gain another extra * when starting a game in Dice & Cube
  • GUIDE:
  • You can find this Skill Book over in Kamurocho – Hills Garden
  • Head into your menu and equip the dog gadget and your dog will find this for you
  • After finding the book you will then need to purchase it in the skills menu for 20,000 SP


1 thought on “Lost Judgment – Unofficial VR Strategy Guide 2021 (Append) (Elevated Roller) Skill Location Guide

  1. You can’t just equip the dog in Kamurocho at any point after you get him. You have to progress school stories until it’s unlocked. Anyone who reads this is going to blindly go there like I did before then.

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