Marvel’s Avengers : Missing Links (All Collectibles – Comics, Intelligence) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock whilst playing Marvel’s Avengers, two of which are Prized Collection and Information Overload.

Prized Collection requires players to collect a full comic set, whilst Information Overload requires players to collect 50 intelligence files.

Thus in order to get these trophy achievements you are going to have to keep a sharp eye on them as you explore your surroundings, thankfully we can always help you out with that too.

Anyway lets begin..

For the purpose of this specific guide, we will only be focusing on the collectibles that can be found whilst on the Missing Links mission. In this mission there is a total of 16 different collectibles that you can find and collect. A lot of these collectibles are actually story related, however there are still one or two which are not and thus can be missable


During this mission you will be tasked with locating the AIM facility, however for the purpose of this guide you will want to traverse through the small cave tunnel here

You should manage to find the chest on the other side of this tunnel next to some crates that you can smash


This next one will be near several of the AIM trucks, head across the bridge here.

It is now time for a bit of platforming

Climb, jump and swing your way to the high platform (as seen in the above images).

The next chest will be on top of this high platform by a small flight of steps


Head to the location in the above image, it is here where you will be able to find the next chest


If you head to the door in the above image you will no doubt notice that there is a bit of a trick in getting this specific door to open. However, the solution is quite simple really

All you have to do is stand on these small square buttons (as seen in the above image), there will be 2 of them on either side of the stairs. Just a quick note on this, you do NOT need your partner to stand on this so if you are playing solo or if you have an idiotic partner then do not worry as long as these buttons are pressed it does not matter, it does not have to be simultaneously

With both buttons pressed the door will then open revealing the next chest


From the last chest start heading North towards the forest of trees.

Whilst getting tangled in trees if you look up you should be able to find several platforms that you can jump onto

Jump onto these high platforms and keep climbing and swinging on them until you come across a platform that acts as as a wall that you can run across, do so as the next chest in on the next platform (as seen in the image above)


Stick to the high platforms and going from the last collectible jump to the other set of high platforms this time (as seen in the image above)

The next chest is on the larger high platform here

#7, 8, 9 – HARDENED CHEST 7, 8, 9/16

Once you have gained entry into the underground area, keep exploring until you reach the area shown above

Here you should be able to find a door that you can smash through, do so. In here you should be able to find 3 hardened chests, nice!

#10 – HARDENED CHEST 10/16

Head to the balcony just above your actual story objective. The next chest can be found in the doorway here

#11 – HARDENED CHEST 11/16

Head on over to the other side of the balcony above the actual story objective.

The next chest can be found at the end of the path here

#12 – HARDENED CHEST 12/16

Okay now we can finally jump down to the floor with the story objective.

If you head around the platform here you should be able to find the next chest just sitting around the back of it

#13, 14, 15, 16 – HARDENED CHEST 13, 14, 15, 16,/16

To find the remaining hardened chests or strongboxes you will need to head to the story objective but do NOT trigger it yet, instead if you look around you should be able to find the last remaining chests here


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