Marvel’s Avengers : To Find Olympia (All Collectibles – Comics, Intelligence) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock whilst playing Marvel’s Avengers, two of which are Prized Collection and Information Overload.

Prized Collection requires players to collect a full comic set, whilst Information Overload requires players to collect 50 intelligence files.

Thus in order to get these trophy achievements you are going to have to keep a sharp eye on them as you explore your surroundings, thankfully we can always help you out with that too.

Anyway lets begin..

For the purpose of this specific guide, we will only be focusing on the collectibles that can be found whilst on the To Find Olympia mission. In this mission there is a total of 23 different collectibles that you can find and collect. A lot of these collectibles are actually story related, however there are still one or two which are not and thus can be missable

#1 – STRONGBOX 1/18

Starting from the waterfall climb and run along the various walls as you normally would,

Keeping an eye on the right side of the screen at all times as you continue on, eventually you will come across your first hardened / strongbox

#2 – STRONGBOX 2/18

Continue to jump, climb and run long the rather linear path.

Again keep an eye on your surroundings and eventually you will encounter a small platform to the right, jump on top of this.

Smash through the wall here in order to reveal the next chest


At the old broken ladders, turn around and you will encounter another smashable wall.

#4 – STRONGBOX 4/18

After once again reuniting with Kamala you will end up reaching a door (as seen in the above images)

You will find the next chest just right outside this door


Now we can head through the door here and continue on as normal

However, do NOT go to far as the next chest in on top of one of the ledges here (as seen in the above images), don’t miss it!


From the last chest jump and head to ground floor in order to find the next one


After dealing with the enemies here

Jump up to the above balcony and then head to the right side of this balcony to find your next set of collectibles


Navigate your way through the lab, however when you reach some smashable crates (as seen in the image above), you will want to smash these as well as the door open.


Not really straying that far from the last collectible, you can actually find this one in the exact same room. There will be a large black box to the right side of the room, open it to reap your rewards


You can find the next one just around the back of the reception desk


Continue on as normal, you will encounter yet more enemies on the way

However, before crossing over to the green side (no pun intended, okay maybe just a little) if you head to the right you should encounter the next collectible here

#12 – HARDENED CHEST 10/18

Okay now we can cross over to the green side (ha! sorry, in all honesty though is it wrong to admit that I may have a slight crush on Hulk? more so Dr Banner actually though ha! he is actually the reason I purchased the game in the first place. So with that HEAD TO THE GREEN SIDE (FULL PUN INTENDED)!!! ‘cough’..

Imagine this version of Dr Banner just showing up wearing those tight looking white and gold pants like the Hulk… ahh… Now I have more than likely lost all of my viewers, oops..

Anywhoo.. continue on and head into the room where I have placed my lovely fancy bubble

Climb up the wall here, the next collectible will be up here

#13 – HARDENED CHEST 11/18

The next collectible can be found in the room above, simply jump onto the tables at the back in order to find it


Before we leave this room, drop back down to the floor and inspect the table right next to the door in order to find the next one


When the game switches to Kamala turn to her left in order to find the next one

#16 – HARDENED CHEST 12/18

Once again before dropping down there is yet another collectible on top of this ledge that you can collect, this time it is a chest

#17 – HARDENED CHEST 13/18

Okay now you can drop down and in doing so you should easily be able to spot the next chest. The game will also kindly let you know about Ledge Grabs too, how nice..

#18 – HARDENED CHEST 14/18

Swing over to the other side and defeat the enemies in this room, after that climb up on top of the ledge or cabinets here just like before to find the next chest

#19 – HARDENED CHEST 15/18

In the next room you should notice a bookcase that you can move (it will be on the right side of the room), move this in order to find the next one

#20 – HARDENED CHEST 16/18

This next one can be found rather close to the cabinet that features Iron Man’s golden glove, hop over the table near this cabinet in order to find the next chest

#21 – HARDENED CHEST 17/18

This next one can be found just next to the cardboard wall that you need to move in order to progress the story

#22 – HARDENED CHEST 18/18

The final chest can be found in a sort of hidden area, this area can be found opposite the last chest.

#23 – HULK COMIC 2/6

For this final collectible head back to the area with chest #21, then head down the row of old computers.

The last collectible can be found on the end table here


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