Tell Me Why – How To Solve The Barn Fuse Box (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Chapter 2 of the emotional rollercoaster that is Tell Me Why is finally here and so too is another puzzle for you to solve, this time involving a Fuse Box

You will find this Fuse Box inside the Barn and you will find the solution to solving this one right here!

So let us begin!

So here we are face to face with a Fuse Box that we need to solve, however how exactly can we solve this issue? We have some written messages on the door here but they are a bit vague, hmm..

We also have several different AMP fuses to play with such as a 15 AMP Fuse, 20 AMP Fuse and a 30 AMP Fuse and all of these wonderful AMPS need to be placed in the correct places but what exactly is the correct place exactly?

Okay well we will start with the White Fuse first and the correct AMP for this one is in fact the 15 AMP, (as seen in the above image) so slot that one home

Next we will play about with the Red Fuse, for this one you will want to insert the 30 AMP into it, do so.

Lastly we have the Yellow Fuse and this one is in fact the 20 AMP, so set that accordingly. There will be a total of 3 Yellow Fuse wires that all need 20 AMP

Once you have successfully inserted the correct AMPS into the correct sockets, make sure to verify your decision by examining the Verify Panel option


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