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The second episode of the emotional adventure title ‘Tell Me Why’ has arrived and so too has the second set of collectibles.

Tell Me Why – Episode 2 just like the previous episode manages to feature a total of 5 different collectibles, all of which are scattered throughout the entire episode. Since these collectibles can be hard to find we have decided to create a simple little guide that will hopefully help with this.


You will find the first collectible when the story objective changes to Sort the ground floor furniture and clean the coffee table

If you examine the table to the left of the room (as seen in the image above), you should get the option to look under it.

Say hello to our first collectible!


Eventually we will once again be back at the Police Station and playing as Tyler. You will want to head into Detective Wilson’s room (which if you played episode one you should know where this is, if not then it is on the second floor).

Go around the side of his desk and open the drawer here, the next collectible can be found inside the drawer here


Soon enough we will be back at the shop where Tessa and Alyson works, this place just like the Police Station will be an all too familiar location by now (presuming you played episode one, of course)

However, this time we can explore an area that we couldn’t before and this area will be beyond the double doors (as seen in the image above), so head in there. Michael will most likely be in here too.

Head towards the cabinet next to the Fridge here and you will spot collectible #3 sitting on top of it


We feel the cold in our search for the next one. Anyway continue along the snowy path through the gate and take a left at the fork.

Then take a right at the following fork. You are looking for the grave of Carol Brown

If you head behind this grave you should notice a small box (shown in the image above) This box has the next collectible inside it


For this last one we will need to be inside the Barn and after the scene where Tyler gets smacked in the face, ouch.

Anyway head into the back here (as seen in the image above)

The final collectible can be found on the floor here under the window


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