Tell Me Why – All Missable Achievements (Chapter 2) Guide

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There are quite a few different achievements that you could possibly miss out on whilst playing the adventure game, Tell Me Why.

This specific guide will focus on Chapter / Episode 2 which includes the following;

Kick Me Achievement,
Moo’d Changer Achievement,
Guess Who? Achievement,
State Your Emergency Achievement,
Remember Strange Vampyr Achievement,
Sharp Shooter Achievement.

However, we have you covered on how to unlock these so you don’t miss out. So let’s begin!

KICK ME ACHIEVEMENT – 25 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Stick a note on Tyler’s back

For this one the opportunity to get the achievement comes when both Alyson and Tyler are at the house. If you head to the kitchen area you should hopefully find Tyler looking through a cupboard

It is here when you will be given the opportunity to place a sticky note on Tyler’s back, so be a typical sister and give your brother some surprised love ha!

MOO’D CHANGER – 25 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Prove to Tyler that moo boxes are actually funny

Staying at the house, you should see Tyler by the living room table here

Approach Tyler and the table and if you look down just under the table there should be a moo box.

Now what you will want to do is constantly keep turning it as both Alyson and Tyler speak to each other, do NOT stop turning it. Only stop turning it when Tyler admits that the box is actually funny

GUESS WHO? – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Figure out who inspired each Book of Goblin character

When you are looking at the animal pictures that feature a Bear, Moose and a Pelican you should also have a hidden memory that you can watch, do so.

You will then need to position the images and select the correct ones using the memory to help you. With that switch the Moose and Pelican around (as seen in the image above)

After swapping the pictures around go ahead and tell Tyler that you are done, confirm this.

STATE YOUR EMERGENCY – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Find a recording of the twins’ 911 call

For this next one we will need to be at the Police Station then examine the computer here

Whilst on the computer you will want to examine the file entitled Ronan Children and then Recording

You will now be able to listen to a voice recording involving Officer Greggs and Young Tyler.

REMEMBER STRANGE VAMPYR – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Find three classic posters

When the game takes you to the familiar shop (well it will be familiar if you played episode one that is), this time however we will have access to another section of the shop which is beyond the double doors (shown in the image above). Head inside here and speak to Michael if you want as he should also be in here too

Just behind Michael will be the first poster that you need to examine (I have marked it in the image above)

The next poster can be found by the door near the Fridge

The last poster can be found on the blue and white wall opposite the last poster, it will be next to a white fish poster

SHARP SHOOTER – 50 Point Achievement

REQUIREMENT: Win the plushie battle

As you progress the story and explore more in the shop you will eventually end up having a one-on-one battle with a plushie on the line against Michael

Just wait for him to stop hiding and as soon as he appears quickly hit the ‘throw button’ in order to throw a plushie in your opponents face! Win this in order to achieve this one


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