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The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is back and we feel rather nostalgic with our latest guide.

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake) consists of all of the tracks that where featured in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 games, only redone and they look glorious too.

Anyway for this guide we will be focusing on the various different challenges and goals that each level will consist of. Each level has it’s own unique set of goals and challenges that you can try and pull off, most of which usually contain grinding on various different rails, destroying bells, pulling off enough tricks to earn a certain amount of points and so on..

This specific guide however, will hopefully guide you on how to complete all of the various different goals and challenges on the Warehouse stage

Let’s begin!


Most levels on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games tend to have a score that you will need to beat or at least meet, for this specific stage we need at least 7500 points.

This can be obtained through pulling off as many different special moves and tricks as possible, it is okay if you end up falling off your board as long as before the timer at the top of the screen hits 0 you have reached a minimum of 7500 points.

Your total score during a stage will be shown at the top left of the screen, just above the Special bar

Feel free to experiment and learn of different techniques and ways to obtain the score that you need, some moves will obviously be easier to pull off than others and every move and trick will help contribute towards this goal


Whilst in the Warehouse level you will of no doubt come across the ramps (as seen in the image above). These ramps actually act as the ‘Channel Gaps’ and thus for this one you will need to pull off an ‘Ollie Trick’ between two of these ramps

If you are unsure on how to perform an Ollie then the game menu will no doubt tell you

The great thing about this game is that you can also swap around buttons for various different skills, depending on what you prefer

However as default the Ollie move is a simple press of the X button (PS4) or A button if you are on the XBox One. So in order to pass and complete this one you will need to tap the X/A button and jump from one ramp to the other


For this one you will need to collect all of the little letters that are floating around, once you have collected them all they will end up forming the word SKATE

The first one ‘S’ can be found in between the ramps here (as seen in the image above). Just jump into it in order to collect the letter, same applies with any and all of the different floating items that are scattered around

Once you have successfully collected the items or in this case the letters, it will then appear on the right side of your screen (as seen above) this way it can remind you that you have successfully collected that specific item

A little off screen here but the next letter ‘K’ can be found above the ramp (where I have positioned my lovely fancy bubble in the image above)

You more than likely saw where the letter ‘A’ was a few images above as I was trying to point out the location of the letter ‘K’, you shouldn’t really miss the letter ‘A’ as it is literally in front of the ‘K’

That only leaves the letters ‘T’ and ‘E’

The ‘T’ can be found in between the middle ramp here just next to the hidden room, you may need to use the starting ramp in order to get enough speed and height in order to reach it

The letter ‘E’ can be found just above the ramp here in the above image. You should now hopefully have them all


For this next one we will now need to smash the various boxes that are scattered around (basically run into them)

There are 5 in total and the first one can be found at the very start, just turn right as soon as you gain control

The next one can be found just by the red pole here under the secret room

The third set of boxes can be found above the ramp here

You can then find the next set on top of the platform to the far left side of the level

The final set of boxes can be found above the ramp here near where the letter ‘E’ was or is


For this next goal we are going to have to grind the rather long red rail that is practically un-missable. Simply jump on to it and using the bar that then appears above your character try and stay balanced all along the rail until you reach the other side


In order to complete the next one I would highly recommend that you start off by sliding down the right side of the ramp at the very start, this way you should be able to get enough speed and air in order to grab the Secret Tape that is hiding inside the secret room here


For this next goal or challenge we are going to be collecting the various different Stat Points which just like the letters are often found hovering in the air.

These Stat Points are great to collect as it will improve your characters overall stats and thus make them an overall better skater.

The first Stat Point can be found hovering above the ramp (as seen in the image above), it will be next to the letter ‘K’ if you have not yet collected it that is

The final Stat Point can be found hovering above the end ramp here on the right side of the level


At the very start of the stage or level you will want to turn around so that you are facing the ramp behind you, the VV collectible is hovering up here

The final collectible can be found as you are heading out of the right side at the start of the level, jump into the wall here so that you can grind it and collect the item

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