Marvel’s Spider-Man : Pay Respects (Ben Parker’s Grave – With Great Power) Trophy Achievement Guide

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With Great Power is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within Marvel’s Spiderman. It requires us to pay our respects to Ben Parker by visiting his grave

This can be unlocked at any time throughout the course of the game, we will need to visit Harlem on the map in order to find the grave’s location.

It is quite a simple task that merely requires us to find and interact with the correct grave.

In order to find Ben Parker’s grave and unlock the With Great Power trophy achievement we will need to make our way over to the Harlem part of the map.

Here we can locate the graveyard to the north west section of Harlem, this is where Ben Parker’s grave is located. Go ahead and make your way towards this graveyard in order to continue.

Ben Parker’s grave is a rather small tombstone compared to some others that are here. So simply look for smaller tombstones and you should come across the one that you are looking for.

Ben Parker does not technically appear in Marvel’s Spiderman, he is mostly just mentioned within the game. Though in the Spiderman universe, Ben is the husband of May Parker and the paternal uncle to Peter Parker.

Ben’s death is usually an event that happens quickly within most of the Spiderman type media, including film and tv shows. This also includes the Marvel’s Spiderman video game.

Within the video game it is said that Ben’s death takes place eight years before the events of the game. His tragic passing comes after he is shot to death.


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