Marvel’s Spider-Man : Avengers Tower (Hero For Higher – Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Hero For Higher is another unlockable trophies and achievement within Marvel’s Spiderman. This time it requires us to find the Avengers Tower and perch atop of it.

The Avengers Tower is also a location where we can find a backpack (which is needed for the Backpacker trophy achievement), as well as being able to take a photograph of it for the Sightseeing trophy achievement.

The location to the Avengers Tower is over in the Upper East Side of the map.

In order to unlock the Hero For Higher trophy achievement we are going to have to locate the Avengers Tower.

We can actually find and locate the Avengers Tower by heading to the Upper East Side part of the map, where the Avengers Tower is located more or less in the middle section of the map.

You will know when you have arrived and found the Avengers Tower as the massive Avenger’s logo will stand out and tell you. For those who may not be too familiar with the logo, which is fine, then you are simply looking for a massive red coloured A that positions itself nicely on to the building.

From there simply make your way to the very top of the Avengers Tower. It is quite a big tower so thankfully Spiderman can move rather quickly.

As you get closer to the top you will notice that the Avengers Tower actually has its own helipad, ignore this for now and keep climbing. We need to be at the very top, yes the very top.

Once you have made it to the top the Hero For Higher trophy achievement will then pop. Nice view, huh?


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