(ME2) Mass Effect 2 : All Omega Assignments / Quests Guide

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(ME2) Mass Effect 2 has quite a handful of optional side quests or Assignments in this case that you can complete, some of which will only unlock after certain requirements are fulfilled.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete all of the Omega Assignments..



  • QUEST GIVER: Illusive Man
  • LOCATION: Omega / Aria T’Loak
  • INFO: Datapad Recovered: During the mission to recruit Archangel you will find the Datapad Visit Aria to finish the assignment. This will occur after Freedom’s Progress

The Professor: 

  • QUEST GIVER: It is given automatically after completing Freedom’s Progress
  • LOCATION: Omega / EDI
  • INFO: Missing Assistant: During the mission to recruit Professor Mordin you will be told that Daniel Mordin’s assistant has gone missing After finding Daniel talk to Mordin to complete assignment

Batarian Bartender: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Bartender (Afterlife Nightclub)
  • LOCATION: Afterlife Nightclub
  • INFO: Forvan a bartender in Omegas Afterlife nightclub is poisoning his customers. Choose to buy a drink. After you wake up talk to Forvan to complete the Assigment

The Patriarch: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Grizz (Afterlife Nightclub / Upper Level)
  • LOCATION: Omega. Afterlife Nightclub
  • INFO: After you complete either Archangel or Professor mission talk to Grizz in Omega. Patriarch is Aria’s old advisor Either tell Patriarch that you will fight the Mercs or tell him to hide to complete assignment

Packages for Ish:

  • LOCATION: Ish is a Salarian that will be to the right side of the Market/Apartment.
  • INFO: Firstly complete the mission on Horizon ‘Stop The Collectors’. then talk to Ish You can either give Ish or Anto the packages to complete the assignment. If you choose to give the packages to Ish then the assignment may still appear as incomplete this however is said to be known glitch

Struggling Quarian: 

  • LOCATION: Kenn’s Salvage. Omega – Lower Level
  • INFO: Offer help to Kenn either pay him to leave or try to convince Harrot to free him to complete the assignment

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