(ME2) Mass Effect 2 : All Citadel Assignments / Quests Guide

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(ME2) Mass Effect 2 has quite a handful of optional side quests or Assignments in this case that you can complete, some of which will only unlock after certain requirements are fulfilled.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete all of the Citadel Assignments..


0:00 – 11:59 : Crime in Progress
11:59 – 8:07 : Krogan Sushi
8:07 – : False Positives (Forged IDs)


False IDs: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Finding the Forged ID can activate this one. You can find one during Garrus’s loyalty mission. It can be found before the two large mechs. Alternatively after completing Thane’s loyalty mission you can speak to two Asari on the couch near the stairs, this will take you to Level 26/27 and change the quest name to ‘Citadel: False Positives’
  • LOCATION: Zakera Wards / Harkin’s Hideout
  • INFO: Kalara Tomi has been flagged for a Geth infiltration

Krogan Sushi: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Kargesh / Rukar
  • LOCATION: Zakera Ward / Presidium
  • INFO: The Krogan on level 27 Zakera Ward wants fish from the Presidium lakes

Crime in Progress: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Quarian, Volus and a C-Sec Officer
  • LOCATION: Level 26 / Citadel
  • INFO: On floor 26 you will see a Quarian, a Volus and a C-Sec Officer arguing about a lost Credit Chit

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