(ME2) Mass Effect 2 : All Normandy Assignments / Quests Guide

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(ME2) Mass Effect 2 has quite a handful of optional side quests or Assignments in this case that you can complete, some of which will only unlock after certain requirements are fulfilled.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete all of the Normandy Assignments..


0:00 – 6:15 : FBA Couplings
6:15 – 11:14 : Serrice Ice Brandy
11:14 – : Special Ingredients


Special Ingredients: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Sergeant Gardner
  • LOCATION: Crew Quarter Deck / Normandy
  • INFO: Gardner needs some ingredients travel to Citadel and buy some then report back to him to complete assignment.

FBA Couplings: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Kenneth Donnelly / Gabriella Daniels
  • LOCATION: Engineering Deck / Normandy
  • INFO: Kenneth and Gabriella need some FBA Couplings travel to Omega to get it then report back

Serrice Ice Brandy: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Doctor Chakwas
  • LOCATION: Crew’s quarters deck / Normandy
  • INFO: Doctor Chakwas lost her original bottle of Ice Brandy travel to Omega and you will find it in Afterlife nightclub

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