(ME2) Mass Effect 2 : All Tuchanka Assignments / Quests Guide

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(ME2) Mass Effect 2 has quite a handful of optional side quests or Assignments in this case that you can complete, some of which will only unlock after certain requirements are fulfilled.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete all of the TuchankaAssignments..


Old Blood: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Kelly Chambers
  • LOCATION: Tech Lab
  • INFO: Missing Scout: During Mordin’s loyalty mission you will find the Krogan scout. This will become available after the events on Horizon

Combustion Manifold: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Krogan Mechanic.
  • LOCATION: Urdnot Camp.
  • INFO: This can be found during Mordin’s loyalty mission. The mechanic will be working on a broken tomkah. This will be available after Mordin: Old Blood

Killing Pyjaks: 

  • QUEST GIVER: Ratch. (Shopkeeper)
  • LOCATION: Urdnot Camp
  • INFO: After completing Grunt and Mordin’s loyalty missions you can activate this assignment

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