Metro Exodus : Friend Of The Crew (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here we guide you on how to unlock the ‘Friend Of The Crew’ Trophy/Achievement, which requires you to find both the Teddy Bear and Guitar. These items are first unlocked during Chapter 3, Volga.

In order to activate these quests you need to firstly rescue both Krest and Anna. After which return to the rest of your team, from here you will be able to unlock the quests.


In order to activate this one you need to speak to the 3 guys at the front of the Train. They will inform you of Bandits being around and that apparently they where playing the Guitar.
If you head to that location be prepared as there are indeed Bandits, though not too many so it should be manageable


In order to activate this one you need to speak to the little girl, whom you saved during the start of the Chapter. She will be at the back of the Train. 
She will tell you about the lost Teddy Bear and that a huge flying monster took it to its nest. Now once you reach the location you will be attacked by one of these said monsters and they can be tough on higher difficulties. However, you do not need to kill it as the Bear is on the floor next to its nest. Thus try and run in and grab it and run away after if the foe poses too much of a threat.

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