Metro Exodus : How To Save Duke (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here we walk you through on how to save Duke, whom is one of the characters in the game. It will unlock the Duke Trophy / Achievement

Okay well first off you need to be on Chapter 3, Volga. Now there are a couple of rules here, you cannot kill any of the cultist people otherwise it will ruin the chances of Duke surviving. However, you can kill any of the Bandits that is fine.

For the beginning part where you get attacked after meeting up with a woman and a little girl, you are fine to kill the guards that shoot you but no one else. If those said guards start to surrender for me I personally ignored them, meaning I stopped killing them at that point and chose to ignore them.

To further increase your chances of saving Duke, there are at least 2 Bandit Hideouts which hold prisoners that you can rescue. 
One of which will be getting taunted in a cage by a group of Bandits, whilst the other is in a Cage inside a building and will actually give you a set of keys for rescuing him.
After doing that you can proceed with the story, during which it will take you to a Train Station. Here, again you will want to try and stealth as much as possible. If you end up in a fight then make sure to knock the opponent out rather than killing them, killing anyone in this Chapter decreases the chances of a good ending.
After doing that you can proceed through the story until you reach a section where you need to board a small boat. At this point, you will want to stealth through this section meaning you cannot get caught. Also, killing anyone here will also decrease the chances of saving Duke so I strongly suggest you keep your gun un-equipped. 
To make things easier you can knock the guards here out and restart the last checkpoint if need be. You will also need to stealth through the section after that too, the section which you find yourself on yet another boat alongside Duke.  

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