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The Great Owl trophy achievement requires you to Find all the Night Hunters’ secret stashes in the SAM’S STORY chapter.
Doing this will unlock the Bronze trophy

What this actually consists of is going to various different locations and finding a ton of ammo, gear and other such niceties. 
You will also know if your in the right area as there will be what looks like a white skeleton face on the walls, like in the picture above for example.

Anyway lets get on with it..


After speaking with Tom and acquiring the boat to go and find the Captain, stop at the first building (the one where you are told about your Flashlight). 
Head upstairs and where you should come to a dead body turn left and through that small passage and at the end you should see a damaged walkway, from here drop down.
Down here you should hopefully find a small gap in the wall to climb through, from there keep following the path and head up the steps to reach this secret stash.


When you reach the building with the Captain inside, stay on the lower levels. If you traverse along the path you should encounter a smaller room with a red door that appears to be locked, if you look up before entering this small room there will be one of those white skeleton faces near the ceiling to indicate that this is the correct place.
Go back inside this small room and toward the locked door, next to this said door is a gap in the wall this is actually what is keeping the door locked, because if you tamper with the trap here the door will unlock and in doing so will reveal the next stash.


From the last stash location you will now want to follow the path like you normally would during the story, climb the ladder to reach the second floor.
​Head up the steps as you normally would, go past the room with the television and through the blue door that leads to a Workbench and outside.
On this balcony you should once again see that familiar skeletal face on the wall, unlock the door here.
This is the next stash location, be warned that there is some extra hidden goodies behind the glass jars that requires you to smash them via your gun, I tried to use fists but I cannot seem to smash the jars without the gun..


During the section with the Sniper, stay in the first building and don’t peruse the Sniper just yet. 
Instead follow the path that leads to a Deer and a coat, when at this location you should be able to spot the stairs, go up them.
Once up the stairs there will be a secret passageway that is hidden behind some small curtains, climb into this passage and immediately turn right to see yet another passage under a table.


After the drunken cutscene you will be tasked with needing to find a boat, however before we do that follow the path around as normal and go downstairs.
Eventually you should arrive in an area with the large skeletal face on the wall, facing this skeletal face turn right and there should be a piece of furniture you can move in order to reveal the entrance to a secret passageway and the 5th Stash.


After leaving the Captain and finding yourself in a bit more of an open area, you will want to get to the area shown in the image below. You should be on a plank of wood that forms a bridge.

This bridge should lead to an abandoned building, you want to be inside here. Inside here look for a room with a dead body and a bunk bed, its in here where you want to be.
Whilst in this room there will be a secret passageway under a small table that leads to the next stash.


After dealing with the Batwing for what should be the second time and then wandering through the minefield and into an enemy base, you will want to traverse to the second building here in order to find a small switch puzzle on the wall.

The correct order to flip these switches are: Right, Left, Middle. Doing this should open the nearby door here and reveal the next stash.


After traversing through the Toxic clouds and reaching the abandoned Bus, fill the empty generator will the nearby Fuel Can.
Doing this will lift a large blue box up from the sewerage below, now you want to carefully hop down onto this sewerage pipe that this box was hiding and crawl through it to reach the next stash.

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