Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) : All 9 Harmonica Melody Locations (Music Lover) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Music Lover trophy achievement requires you to collect all harmonica melodies in the SAM’S STORY chapter.
Completing this one will give you a Bronze trophy

There are a total of 9 different melodies in total for you to collect and they are scattered all over the entire game, anyway for those struggling here are their locations:


0:00 – 0:46 : Melody 1
0:46 – 2:32 : Melody 2
2:32 – 3:35 : Melody 3
3:35 – 4:52 : Melody 4
4:52 – 5:39 : Melody 5
5:39 – 6:40 : Melody 6
6:40 – 7:56 : Melody 7
7:56 – 9:15 : Melody 8
9:15 – : Melody 9​


After speaking to Tom and acquiring the boat to go and find the Captain, ride through and past the first building.
However, when you come to the half sunken statue in the water stop here and head to the building on the left, this is actually an old abandoned School.
The first melody is in the classroom on the wall next to the Piano


After getting the one from the School (Melody 1), again don’t go to the building with the Captain in instead hop back onto the boat and head North until you reach a large building with thugs walking around and explosions going off in the background, this is actually a theatre.
After dealing with the enemies here head upstairs and look for an open window that has a wooden plank next to it which leads to another window that you can gain access to, the next melody is inside here.


After dealing with the Sniper you will be tasked with having to once again meet up with the Captain, however ignore him for now and walk right on past him, wave to him as you do so if you want.
Anyway nearby there should be a blue door that you can open and inside here is the next Melody.


After drunken scene with the Captain and when you are tasked with re-arming the traps for him, from the first trap climb over the small broken wall and follow the path bypassing the damaged wall that leads outside.
However, when you actually reach the piano and damaged wall that does lead outside STOP here and look at the pillar next to this Piano to find this one


When you are tasked with finding a boat and before battling the second Batwing, head to the building across from the large sunken ship and has a wooden walkway to the Car dealer location.
Here you will also find some friendly scouts and a workbench too, the next melody is next to the fire and workbench


Just after the second Batwing attack and just before reaching the thug hideout and mine infested bit of land, there should be an abandoned Car Dealer shop.
This is also the same location that the two local Car Dealer brothers hide their document and locked safe too, anyway the next melody is inside this building in the same area as the dog door on the floor (don’t worry you will end up standing on it ha!)


Before finding the boat and after passing the minefield and climbing through the window to reach the thug hideout, make your way through the building until your back outside again and reach a fire bin.
In this exact same area is a door, open this said door to find the next melody


Whilst trying to find the Environmental Suits and after burning the water to enable to progress the story, you should come across a building on the right that looks to be a Medical building housing two thugs.
Deal with these thugs and make your way upstairs and whilst up here there should be a small bridge that you can cross that leads to a toilet cubical. On this said cubical is the next melody.


Whilst still trying to find the Environmental Suits and after disembarking the boat and reaching an abandoned Bus, stop here.
Near the abandoned Bus there should be a large generator next to some tables and chairs, the next melody is stuck on this Generator.

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