Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story (DLC) : Cinephile (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The Cinephile trophy achievements requires you to organize a documentary screening in the SAM’S STORY chapter.
Doing this will net you a Bronze trophy

In order to pull it off you will need to of first spoke with Tom and acquired the boat, from there drive through and past the first building until you reach a half sunken statue, from here ignore your destination marker and head for the land to the East of you, once you disembark you should bee in front of a large building with enemies and gunfire.

As already been said there are multiple foes here so deal with them however you like, once you have done so you will want to head upstairs.

Now upstairs you should find the Theatre film machine running and well Sam isn’t a huge fan of what is currently being shown and really wants some better footage to be broadcasted. Thus remove the current film by interacting with the Film machine and lets look for something a bit more interesting shall we?

The film you want is actually quite close by in fact it is in one of the rooms in a long corridor and by a window that has a wooden plank on it.
You will know when you are in the correct room as it will have a cupboard full of films that Sam will look through on the back wall
After acquiring the preferred film for Sam you will then need to return back to the Film machine and insert the newly acquired film in order to complete this and achieve the Cinephile trophy achievement

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