(MHOJ2) My Hero One’s Justice 2 : How To Perform Plus Ultra Moves (Ultimate Finishers) All Might / Aizawa / Mirio Compilation

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Just like any other fighting game the My Hero One’s Justice games also come complete with ultimate moves which are basically the most powerful moves in the game that deal quite a bit of damage. 
These moves are often only available after certain requirements are met and in this case, you need to achieve Ability Points which are marked next to the wording PLUS ULTRA under the character’s health bar.

These Ability Points can go as high as 3 and the higher the number executed the more damage you will inflict.
However, keep in mind that the first two are only achievable using a single character, whilst the third one requires both of your tag partners to be available.

You can tell if a tag partner is available when the bar next to them is fully charged GREEN and their little icon lights up.

In order to obtain Ability Points you need to fill the PLUS ULTRA bar and in order to do this you must keep attacking your foes. However, some moves also deplete this bar too but as long as you keep hammering your foes with attacks and try to avoid taking damage, the PLUS ULTRA bar should fill up rather nicely.

So you basically know what the conditions to trigger these Ultimate Plus Ultra moves off, however what now? How exactly do I pull off these moves? How can I really put the hurt on my enemies?

Well that is really up to you as you are going to be the one who decides which Ultimate Plus Ultra moves you are going to use. For example just because you have 3 Ability Points doesn’t mean you HAVE to pull that particular one off, I mean depending on the circumstance you may not be able to achieve that number again.
It takes time to fill that PLUS ULTRA bar and do you have that time? The clock above the screen is ticking and your opponent isn’t going to wait for you to decide. To be honest some of these Ultimate Attacks may not even hit your foe for example though you will end up using the Ability Points the attack doesn’t always connect, it’s all about timing and landing that attack when that time is right.

Below is the correct button combination you need in order to pull these off (PS4): 

R1 + Triangle (Uses 1 Ability Point)
R1 + Circle (Uses 2 Ability Points)
R1 + Triangle + Circle (Uses 3 Ability Points. Both team mates NEED to be ready)

Below are some videos of three characters (All Might, Aizawa and Mirio) pulling off all of their Plus Ultra attacks, hopefully if this is still confusing then these videos will help you even more/instead.

By performing these you will unlock several trophies and achievements including;

Puts in minimal effort
Used Sidekick Plus Ultra 10 times.

Speedy Veteran
Perform a Plus Ultra Finish.

Go above and beyond!
Perform 50 Plus Ultras using heroes.

Even more chaos
Perform a Plus Ultra 50 times using a Villain.

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