Moons Of Madness : Spiderweb Series Circuit Box (Contact Base) Puzzle Guide

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The SpiderWeb series puzzle involves the player having to solve a puzzle involving Power Cells/Conduit and circuits.

This specific guide is the first set of SpiderWeb circuit puzzles, which can be found in the Contact Base section of the story

Solving these specific puzzles will allow you to activate power and thus establish communications with the Base.

Let’s begin..

Now there are a total of 3 Power Circuits in the room all of which have different circuit puzzles for you to solve. Some of these circuits have 2 puzzles connected to them, so keep that in mind.

The first one we will take care of will be the one closest to the door that you entered from. Hopefully by this point you will of inserted the Power Cell into the socket by the same door, if not do so and we can continue.. You will find the Power Cell on the table to the right of the room.​

Okay so make your way to the first Power Circuit (the one I mentioned earlier by the door), this will be our first one that we are going to solve. ​

Use the Biogage (R1 – PS4) in order to connect with the Power Circuit. This will now present the first puzzle for us to hopefully solve. 

Thankfully this one only has the one puzzle for us to solve


The next one we are going to try and solve will be the one next to the last one we just solved, the one in the middle. ​

This one unlike the previous one has 2 sets of puzzles which acts as one big puzzle. You will need to connect the bars firstly to the bottom 3. Then you will need to connect it to the top 3


Now we only have the one left which is to the right of the room, on the back wall. ​

This one only has the single puzzle to solve unlike the last one, simply connect it to the 9. After completing this one the SpiderWeb puzzles will be complete.

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