Moons Of Madness : SpiderWeb Series Circuit Box (Lab Complex) Puzzle Guide

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The SpiderWeb series puzzle involves the player having to solve a puzzle involving doors and circuits.

This specific guide is the second set of SpiderWeb circuit puzzles, which can be found in the Lab Complex.

Solving these specific puzzles will allow you to open specific doors which will allow the player to progress.

Okay let us begin.. 

The first time in which you will encounter one of these circuit puzzles is near a room with what seems to be an inactive robot, perhaps someone else had already taken it out? Who knows?

Either way at this point you will come across a door which will not open unless you successfully solve the first circuit puzzle. The PA system will also constantly loop itself ‘Unauthorized access. Unauthorized access’

The character will also comment on the door once you approach it saying that it isn’t Orochi but it does look ancient. 

Anyway when you approach the door get out your Biogage (R1 – PS4) and use it to scan the device at the end of the hallway past the door, obviously you cannot get access to the door so position yourself so you can see the device on the other side. 

When you scan the device on the other side with the Biogage you will be presented with the first circuit box puzzle.

Use your Biogage to move and solve the first circuit box, it needs to look like the image above


The second time that you will come across one of these puzzles is shortly after getting attacked by one of the robotic enemies. 

For this one we will need to take advantage of the Security Camera on the other side of the door, so get close enough to the door so that you can use your Biogage in order to control the Security Camera.
You will know when you have control of the Security Camera as it’s scanner will turn from white to green. 

When it goes green move the Camera until it faces to it’s North and Declan’s left. The scanner that you will need to use will be on the wall, when you have it on your Biogage’s screen press (X – PS4) in order to access it and begin the next puzzle.

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