Moons Of Madness : Tree (Tree Hugger) Inna Volkova (Boss Fight) Guide

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As you continue the story you will come across a rather strange looking half person / half Tree enemy that you will need to defeat.

It is quite an easy fight in all honesty too. However, there is only one real way to defeating it…

As previously mentioned the Tree Hugger trophy achievement is actually story related. It is where you will need to defeat poor Inna Volkova who lets be honest was going a bit strange and senile back at the Greenhouse anyway

After pulling the lever in order to clear the Greenhouse you will then be tasked with having to defeat a Tree. This will be your first real boss fight but in all honesty it’s a pushover.

​As soon as you attempt to poison her tree roots the boss will appear and grab hold of you, here you will have a limited amount of time to aim for her weak spot.

With the gun in hand you will need to keep pressing (X – PS4) when the indicator on the boss flashes green, time it right in order to really put the hurt on her.

Otherwise when you are free from her clutches just continue along the linear path REMEMBERING TO USE THE BIOGAGE SCREEN (R1 – PS4) ON THE BLACK AND PINK FLOWERS if you get too close to the flowers they will explode and cause damage, so make sure to use your Biogage. Also if you come across any of the white Spores make sure to inject them!

Continue along the narrow and linear path killing off her precious plants, she will attempt to keep grabbing you at every possible chance that she has but just keep timing your attacks correctly and she won’t really pose any real threat.

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