Moons Of Madness : Zapper (Around The Water) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophies and achievements found within Moons of Madness is Zapper.

Zapper requires you to go around the water, well that is it’s description at least.. 

The Zapper trophy achievement can also be missable too, so you have been warned…

In order to unlock this trophy achievement you will need to be on the Shunned Basement stage level, so continue the story until you reach this..

Okay I’m assuming you have now reached that stage? If not then why are you reading this? If you have then good job you are now ready to continue..

The next step is to follow the rather linear path 

Now we find ourselves in a room with water and some sort of electrical wire swinging about, what could possibly go wrong here? 

Well our goal and for the purpose of this guide is to go and admire the beautiful electrical wire, go on. Give it a great big hug and a kiss, it’s just a mere lonely wire that wants a friend..

Okay basically if you run into it the wire will obviously electrocute you and yes you will die but that is the whole point, the lovely trophy achievement wants you to die, nice of it isn’t it? 

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