Moons Of Madness : Ryujin Class Reclamation Unit (Excess Water) Puzzle Guide

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Here we have another mysterious puzzle to solve. This one involves 3 coloured (Red, Yellow and Blue) recovery units.

You will need to find these recovery units, set them to their correct reading and insert them into the correct sections.

This puzzle will occur when you are travelling through the Greenhouse and will need to sort out the excess water issues.

As previously mentioned in order to solve this one you will need to first off find the actual units, you can find them in the locations described below and/or in the above video


You will find this one when Inna starts talking about merging two lifeforms

Inna will start talking about the lifeform merging. Follow the yellow steps up to the second floor.

When you reach the second floor you should now be in a rather narrow area with a door and some machine looking thing in the far right corner. This machine looking thing is actually the Blue Recovery Unit, so head towards it and take it. Don’t worry about what number to set it too, we will come to that a bit later. That is one down.. 2 more to go..


After successfully obtaining the Blue Recovery Unit, use the Keycard you should of got earlier if you have not got it yet then you won’t of progressed this far. You will need that Keycard to even get out of the previous room, thus use it on the nearby door (door next to where you got the Blue Recovery Unit).

You should now be in a room with a machine and what looks like a dead end as the pathway has been blocked by some plants and greenery. Don’t worry we can sort that issue out, this is actually not a dead end after all.

Bring up your Biogage Screen (R1 – PS4) and connect it so that you can actually move these bushes and discover that it was actually blocking a rotating walkway.

Thus use the Biogage to clear a path for yourself and head onto the rotating walkway.

Oops looks like another potential dead end, don’t worry though because it’s not. In fact if you head to the dead end you may notice another machine that you can use to rotate the bushes once again. If not don’t worry it’s there so once again use your Biogage to clear the path for yourself once again. Remember how you did this as you’ll need to do it again in a bit. 

​Once you pass the ”dead end” bushes you will now encounter a ladder, climb down to the lower level. 

It is here on the lower level where you find the next Recovery Unit (Yellow). Only one more left now..


Traverse your way back through the ”dead end” bushes and continue on

This area will also lead to a dead end where you will need to head through a smashed window (DON’T go through the window just yet), Shane will also comment on something being loose too eek..

Either way the final Recovery Unit (Red) will be here in this room, so grab it. We should now have all 3

Now you will need to traverse all the way back to the beginning of the area where you picked up the Keycard and examined the Computer (Water Treatment room).

​This is the room where you will need to insert the Recovery Units and the colour and inserting order should be self explanatory considering the pipes above are also colour coded.

It is also here where you will finally need to set each unit to their correct numbers, which is as follows;

RED – 50
BLUE – 100

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