Moons Of Madness : Chemical Analyzer (Lab) Puzzle Solution Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the Moons of Madness you will eventually find yourself inside a Lab.

Here you will need to correctly place several different chemicals into a machine in order to create several different mixtures.

This segment of puzzles comes as you are tasked with having to find and locate a teammate known as Lukas.

You will first off before trying to attempt making a chemical sample, you will need to investigate and inspect the Computer nearby.

On the computer you will then need to navigate to the option Analyze Sample, you will then be shown a picture of what you need to represent using the different chemical formulas, you need to replicate this.

However, before we can actually do this you need to collect all of the nearby Test Tubes. There should be a total of 7 Test Tubes to pick up altogether. ALSO don’t forget to pick up the gun too. All 7 Test Tubes and the Gun are all located in this very room and all quite close to each other too.​
Once you have everything you can then head to the small machine which sits on the table, this machine is where we will begin mixing the different chemical formulas.

Okay now all we need to do is add the correct Test Tube into the correct sections. Below are several pictures of where each one needs to do..

After inserting the last remaining one you can now begin to mix the chemicals and in doing so you should now be rewarded with the Poison and you can now continue the game.

Wait, what do you mean there is more? We created the Poison, what now? Actually after a bit more story progress you will indeed need to come back and mix yet more chemicals and formulas. 

As you continue on with the story you will unfortunately find out that Lukas is no longer alive, in fact he is now one of the creatures you will or just encountered.

Anyway eventually you will come across another computer, this computer belonged to a person named L.vanBuren. Next to the computer should be some new Test Tubes that you can use, make sure to collect them and then return back to the chemical mixing machine.​

Okay lets continue mixing shall we?… You can start of by removing all of the Test Tubes that you placed prior to now, we will need to insert new ones anyway…

After inserting the last Tube you can once again mix the formulas together. This time you will be rewarded with the Stronger Poison and more importantly you should now be ready and prepared to continue the game, we have a monster to kill or rather you have at least ha!​

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