Moons Of Madness : Angelus Communications Module (Contact Base) Puzzle Solution Guide

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Briefly after activating the Satellite Dishes you will find yourself looking at another device. For this device you will need to find the correct radio frequency in order to contact your team back at the base.

(NOTE: You need to of completed the other puzzle in here in order to unlock this one. You can find that puzzle here)

There is a monster somewhere within the base and you need to radio in and contact your team before anything bad happens.

Thus head over to the corresponding device and first off insert the ID Card of Shane Newehart. You will then need to press the R1 (PS4) button in order to bring up the Angelus Communications Module screen up

Here we can begin trying to find the correct radio frequency. 

The correct frequency is 42.0 Pitch-158.0 YAW after getting it to the correct frequency press Triangle (PS4) in order to contact your base and move on to the next section of the game, puzzle solved!

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