Moons Of Madness : Periodic Table (Bookcase / Bookshelf) Puzzle Solution Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the Moons of Madness you will eventually reach an underground area known as, Shunned Basement.

Whilst exploring this Basement you will eventually come across a bookcase or bookshelf that also holds a letter too, the letter refers to the periodic table..

Now you can try and work it out yourself but chances are you already tried that and thus that is why you are now here.

Don’t worry we have you covered on what the solution actually is and being nice people that we are, or rather I am. I will simply put the solution down as simple as possible.

As you can see we are trying to solve a puzzle that relates to several different books but only some of the books before you are the ones we actually need. What you need to do is inspect the correct books so that the character pushes them and unlocks a new room that holds an Alter and yet more puzzles, yay!

Okay lets begin..

The correct order of books that you need to push is as follows;

  • 1) Red 6
  • On the middle left of the bookcase will be a stack of red books, you will need to push the book that reads 6 ​
  • 2) Black 4 
  • To the middle right side of the bookcase should be a collection of black books, you need to inspect the book that reads 4​
  • 3) Encyclopedia II
  • On the top left side of the bookcase should be a collection of Encyclopedia books, you need to inspect the Encyclopedia II book
  • 4) Black 4
  • For the second time now, you will need to revert back to the Black 4 book and once again inspect this book. IGNORING the 5th book altogether

After inspecting all 4 books and all in the correct order too, the bookcase should then begin to move and reveal a room with an Alter.

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